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  • Need help with a few things

    I'm new to fig growing and this is my first post, need some help on a few things; 1) When moving from a basement greenhouse to outside (N.E. Ohio) how should I acclimate the figs going from the 70's degree's and 75 % humidity in the greenhouse to 60 degree outside temp and no humidity. 2) Should I put the 1 gallon plants into 5 or 10 gallon pots for the summer. I've posted a couple photo's of the plants. Any help from the pro's would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Frank D.
    Zone 6a
    Cortland, Ohio

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    I like to go from 1 gallon pots into 5 gallons. There's really no advantage to going up to a bigger pot right away, and it can cause problems by holding too much water.

    If moving plants outside right now, I don't think you need to do anything to acclimate them. I'm in southern AZ, which has lower humidity and more direct sun, and they always do fine when I move them out in February or March. A few years ago I waited until early May and it was not good... all the leaves got burned and dropped but the plants eventually recovered.


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      Well first welcome

      My two cents........

      The biggest issue isnt the temp or the humidity it is the sun. You will have to harden them to real sun. Those temps won't matter, the humidity drop may make them droop a bit but I doubt it. The sun though will burn them badly. So light shade and gradually more to more sun over the course of a week. Morning sun is fine just guard against noon and early afternoon sun.

      You should up pot is stages. Going from a 1 gallon to a 10 gallon is a very bad idea. Soil stays too wet and rot becomes a real possibility.

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        Welcome to the forum. Wills sounds like he knows a lot about figs and it's probably because he has a lot of figs. His advise is always good as bad as I hate having to say that! Lol
        Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


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          i agree. sun can kill. i move pots all over to go from a few hours in the morn to a bit more every day.
          my sun is harsh n it takes 10-12 days before i can allow full all day sun.
          burner of trees
          high plains, maybe zone 7.


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            Thanks for the information, I was going to go to 10 but i'll stay with 5. Thanks again!!!
            Frank D.
            Zone 6a
            Cortland, Ohio


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              welcome to the answer place. Lots of good info. I keep my figs outside all the time but in the shade because of the sun down here. I am further south than Wills and this is the first year I have put figs in the ground. I went from cutting pot to 1 gallon and then to ground. But my new planting ground is not entirely in sun all day and generally in the sweltering afternoon the trees throw shade. Of course the expensive ones get up potted until they can go in large decorative planters and they stay on the lanai where I can keep an eyeball on them. Hershell naughty naughty


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                Thanks for the info, gonna be down that way next week on Anna Maria Island