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  • Hey now! My first-ever post disappeared. Who do I need to yell at?

    My first post on this forum - perhaps first-first post is now the proper way to refer to my now departed effort - was, apparently, summarily executed sometime late in the evening of February 18, 2015 or in the wee hours of the morning following. It appeared briefly in the lives of some few readers on page 2 of the OT: What else are you growing? thread. Though it's life was short, it was well structured, informative and, if posts have feelings, surely it was a happy missive. There was a brief, emotional service held today at 7:08 am, PST. One donation from the extremely generous Strudeldog was offered (and accepted). It will be remembered with fondness.

    Any information leading to the identification of the post executor(s) can be added below.
    I know this has been done on the other forums, but I think it's neat to see what everyone else is into besides figs (blasphemy?). So, what else are you
    Reno, 6b

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    Do you mean this?
    Hmm, just too lazy to figure it all out exactly at the moment. I've got an orchard map and a list of names I need to update plus scads of scions I plan to graft this spring, mostly to existing trees, but those don't really count, do they? Here you go:

    Apples 50ish trees/60ish varieties
    Pears - 10 European/14 varieties, 2 Asian/3 varieties, and 1 shipova - seven years old and 1st fruits last year (2, 1 eaten by bird and 2nd lopped off accidentally by an overeager pruner who maybe needs glasses [me])
    Apricots - 2 trees/6 varieties
    Cherries - 3 trees
    Plums - 5 European, 2 Asian/4 varieties, 1 Pluot
    Peach - 2 trees, though one gets the axe this spring due to insipid flavor (Zaiger dwarf, can't recall the name and don't care to)
    Quince - 1 - an undervalued fruit, IMO and easy to fruit in colder zones
    Figs - scads in pots, 3 in ground
    Raspberries - 4
    Blackberries - 4
    Juneberries - 3
    Gooseberries - 5
    Currants - 2
    Grapes - 5
    Mulberry - 2
    Strawberries - 4 varieties

    I'll be putting in a persimmon tree this year and maybe a couple of seaberries and Guomi plus the aforementioned grafting. I also want to add some of the Romance Series cherries, though I fear the summer may be too hot here. I'll probably avoid further diversification, as I'm getting to the point where I'm not going to have time to process what I harvest unless I quit my day job, though I may plant a small vineyard with mostly hybrid wine grapes that have fared well in trials in my area. Fermenting my own, home-grown booze has long been a goal of mine.

    I've also got a fairly extensive raised-bed garden that provides a significant portion of the annual fresh vegetable needs for my family of four plus loads of melons of varying description in an altogether too brief window of melon-eating ecstasy.

    Phil/Strudel, I saw on a thread from the other forum that you have Tomcot. If you have any scions available and wish to trade, let me know. I'll send you my list.

    If that is the case it is still there. You did not make a post, you instead commented on another post, mine. The program views the two options as being different...just like most people view you as being a bit "different". Badda Bing
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      Oh my! It's a miracle! Post resurrection. Today, February 19, will forever be Post Easter in my home.

      But what am I going to do about my second first post, a thread starter, no less? I'm so happy...but so confused.
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      Reno, 6b


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        Neil, sounds like you have been on quite the emotional roller coaster, you may need to a day or two off in order to re-center yourself.... LOL
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          A wrong has been righted.

          Oh happy day!

          By the way, Neil, I did not notice any blueberries on your list!
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            Yes indeed, Gina, I am once again complete.

            I had three blueberries in my collection through early fall last year, 2 Chester and 1 Reka. They were five years old and in 7 gallon pots. I let them pass on to their blueberry afterlives (no resurrection for them) because they did not taste as good as my juneberries. Not even close. Perhaps if they'd have been in ground they would have tasted better, but blueberries also require more fussing over in my somewhat alkaline clay soil while the juneberries don't get anything but water and, if I get around to it, some compost. It was an easy decision. I'm going to buy one or two more new-to-me juneberry varieties this season and call it good on small, blue, sweet fruits. That could change if anybody trialing haskaps in a similar hot and intense summer sun climate finds a variety or two that perform well and taste great.
            Reno, 6b


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              Wills did I delete his post when I tried to reply. I tried to reply once to Neil's request for Tomcot, and once asking you why you were down on POMs as I am planting out 20 some cultivars this spring. Then combined them into one and deleted the 2nd, and when I went back to to later both our comments were gone
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              • Gina
                Gina commented
                Editing a comment
                Unless there is a serious bug someplace, members shouldn't have the ability to delete another member's posts - as much as sometimes they might like to.

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              Wait a minute, Phil. I'm beginning to suspect your offer of Tomcot was an attempt to throw me off the scent. It was you who killed my post! I'll be making your life on this forum a misery from this moment forward.

              I'll still take the Tomcot.
              Reno, 6b


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                Neil, I am a I.T. guy. When something breaks I always ask what changed and who touched it last. So in this case that was me. Thinking maybe when I deleted my comment it deleted all the comments. That would be a flaw with the forum software if it let me do that. But go ahead I would not feel comfortable if someone wasn't preping me for hell
                Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,