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  • Papa Tree Cuttings to ship

    I figure tis is easiest to confirm with all who I am sending papa tree cuttings to. I will PM you individually with a tracking number. I'm sorry for couple things.... I had so many people ask me for cutting and I can not supply everyone. I can promise all that ask if you do not get one tis week you will get some in the fall. I'm positive out of all that I have 1 will root and I can harvest cuttings from it for you.
    Secondly people that are getting them. I've had 3 packs go out and 2 members tell me they are a but dry and one said was perfect. Depending where on the tree cutting came from some may be more hydrated then others. The green layer is still green but a bit dry still so maybe before rooting someone can post how to try rehydrating them for better rooting results.
    Lastly if you read my first post you will see I was devastated with damage done by rabbit and I'm doing everything I can do to get a couple of these rooted and regrowing. Even if it means me prepping packing paying and shipping them off to you as my gift to you with hopes someone will get her to grow.99% of the trees nodes were chewed off. Majority of the cuttings has random bite marks on them or nodes or new nodes forming and with all the help out here I'm sure they will root! I leave them alone as everyone has different way to care for cutting. Me personally I read if I lightly coat bite mark with "tight bond 2 Premium Wood Glue" and let it dry before I place in the bin it will work. But again to each their own.
    Some cuttings are 1 inch long with 3+nodes and some are 8-10inches and width of vino bottle neck. The were packaged randomly in no "picked out order" so please understand tis is why I want to give as gift and want to pay to pack and ship.. So no one can be upset if they do not get a picture perfect cutting. But if you believe... she will grow back!!
    She has been threw hell and back a few times and is very strong!
    So my friends I want to thank you again for your help, wishes and thanks. Your sympathies and interest and care in the Bi39 and for listening to my story and helping me threw tis tough time while being a new chapter in Papas tree. I know you will get her to root! PLEASE stay positive and keep me updated. If the members that offered to send me fig in return (again is not necessary) but is completely up to you and I promise to care for it as I have my own trees and believe me there won't be a rabbit in a 100 mile radius of my farm from now on!!

    Grazie to you all
    Ciao ciao
    Zone 5 Chicago IL Wish list:
    1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy 👼🏼.
    2) This weeks ebay auctions.

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    Ciao Mike, I'm new here and read your story and this post and think you are a sweetheart and a generous soul. I hope you'll be here with us for a long time, in this forum.

    I have met the most wonderful people because of my love of figs. What an amazing blessing they truly are, figs, because somehow, they don't just taste good, they become a part of one's heart, as well. They remind people of home and family.




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      Grazie Noss,

      Tis is true...fig is for me my connection to many people and places is wonderful that one small fruit can bring so many together to converse and care for them.
      Zone 5 Chicago IL Wish list:
      1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy 👼🏼.
      2) This weeks ebay auctions.