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  • An idea, or a question, I guess... buying, selling on the forum

    I know ebay exists for good reason, and that on F4F it was generally an "only sell if you're selling at a really good price with more intent towards distribution rather than profit" sort of deal. Still, there's comfort in getting a variety from a name you're familiar with via the forums (even without a face), rather than on ebay, and having a conversation with the person to make sure its what you want. However, I understand that problems can arise with disputes/liability/etc. So what's the best protocol then?

    Is there room for a "marketplace sticky" in this forum? If not, is it taboo make a post asking the community for a variety you want if you're willing to pay fair value for it? Depending on the answer, I may or may not be posting again shortly looking for a replacement for a cutting that I killed with too much love...haha. Worst comes to worst, there's ebay, so no one be afraid to tell it like it is.
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    Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a

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    As I understand it, it is ok to buy and sell here in the open.
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      I would say that if you selling, you should be able to list your price, If a potential buyer is comfortable with that price you have a deal. If the seller is going to make a special price for the a friend, that should be done behind the sciences in either PM or Email.

      If you are looking to buy something, ask for it by name, ask the seller(s) to contact you by PM or Email only. You may get several responses, and this keeps the prices off of the forum, you can choose the lowest one or the seller you are comfortable with and do so without hurting anyone's feelings, or trampling on the thought of having the right to sell do to being the first to respond. This also stops bidding wars, and allows someone to gift you cuttings if they choose without being barraged by other members.

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        IMO, The basic guidelines are similar to F4F. Its really based more on Trading.
        If you are looking for something you should post with a note to PM or E-mail info....
        You may be surprised what you get for only the cost of shipping....
        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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          Brett what was the variety you lost?
          Dave- Waterford, Ct. Zone 6a


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            I was pretty sure this was the gist of it, but I didn't want to step on any toes, especially since I joined what...2 or 3 days ago? Appreciate the moderator response too...that sorta counts 10 fold :-D Thanks guys.
            Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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              We all joined 2 or 3 days ago

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              What Ed said....

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              Ed, that's EXACTLY what I thought the instant I read it ;-)

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            I would think you could sell whatever you want, wherever you want, at any price. It's a free market. If folks don't like your offer they don't have to buy from you. Screw the naysayers.


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              The "naysayers" also have a voice in the community....

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            When I first joined the f4f I was always looking for "that certain" fig. I always posted that I would be willing to pay "the fair market price" as I was never ever looking for a handout. I say fair market price because as you know, some figs are much more expensive than others.
            I can understand what you mean by saying to tell it like it is. But I can honestly tell you I was never attacked in any way for asking.

            I think it would be rude to join and ask for stuff without offering to give something back, like money or something else of value.
            But if you offer to pay then you will get respect or might even get what you're looking for.

            But Paul, I can agree with you and disagree at the same time. Yes, it is a free market and should be able to sell what ever you want but at the same time this is only a forum and privately owned. Wills has the right to say ya or nay on the selling part.

            I think (not 100%sure) selling is not allowed in the Gardenweb forums.

            Good luck


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              IMO there are other venues for outright selling...
              This forum is a community and it should entitle us to some considerations.
              The forum community should be for Sharing and Trading first and foremost....
              Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                To my way of thinking, gifting, trading and selling all have a place on a forum like this.

                Consider this: a person makes an interesting Unk discovery, or a fig a neighbor has that is especially cold hardy, or a fig from an old greek woman they met at the market....They get some cuttings and offer them for sale on a forum like this. Maybe they get a really good history from the source, maybe none at all. Maybe they post pictures of leaves and fruit if we're lucky. There will be a flurry of "PM sent" postings from various people as they offer to buy them, which in the long term is at least a partial record of people who've received the cuttings. Maybe there are some posts from people (novice or expert) speculating on what it might be based on the limited information. Maybe someone posts that the distinct color and/or texture of the bark is just like their XYZ variety. Time goes by and people start posting about how quickly/poorly they root. They eventually start posting with more pictures of leaf shapes, about whether it has a breba crop, and you start getting more pictures of ripe figs. Before you know it, there's enough evidence for experts to make a better judgement call about whether it IS one variety or ISN'T another speculated variety. Perhaps after enough time (even just 2 or 3 years) there is enough evidence to make a more definitive identification. The original post offering cuttings for sale has become a thread (perhaps with multiple splinter threads) with detailed observations from multiple people. Now anyone who received and grew the cuttings, if they have the interest (and many of us do, or we wouldn't be here), can continue to track and research it and update their records. There is true value to this.

                My point is that beyond providing the initial description, none of this was likely to have happened if the cuttings were put up for sale on eBay. They wouldn't have reached a targeted, interested audience.

                I saw a fig for sale at a garden center last summer. It had a hand-scrawled tag on it with a very obscure name beginning with "unk." I knew right away it was likely to have been grown by a fellow forum figger. I did one simple internet search, and I found one single forum thread from two years earlier. The original poster had provided a detailed description and history, and there was a handful of responses from people who had purchased cuttings. I was able to contact the original poster about this random fig and have an email exchange that convinced me to shell out the $$ and buy this plant. (I waited too long and someone else bought it in the meantime!) But, this would not even have been possible if not for the ability to sell cuttings via the forum.

                Jim -- Central NJ, Zone 6b