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  • fig Shampoo

    It seems I notice the fig images everywhere now where I go and they exist
    Here is my latest find at a pharmacy, made with Turkish figs (doesn’t say, the dry or straight from a tree and what variety was used ).
    Are the figs getting more popular lately or it is just me seeing them more often??

    Click image for larger version

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    They're definitely getting more popular...

    we have one particular vendor at our local farmers market...brings breba mission figs every year...huge trees...small green berry baskets...$5.00 each...maybe 5-8 figs....30-40 baskets gone in a NY second.....chefs around here (Sonoma County) are always coming up with new ways to serve figs. They'll come to market and leave with a full flat
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      Marie and I have been eating at a Mexican restraint a lot lately and got to know the owner a little. I asked him if he knew anything about figs. He said he hadn't cooked with them in years but if I would bring some in that he would cook. I carried them some citrus and every time I go in they ask if I have figs yet. I can't wait!
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        That is nice, you start early to find the customers for your figs! They can always get them from CA though via an overnight shipping.
        Or even better! Overnight them to yourself and suprise the owner with a Busket of figs
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