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    What? Another fig forum? Sort of had my arm twisted to the idea but honestly there has to be a better way. Maybe we will get 5 members maybe 50. All I ask is that the folks who stop by read the 7 items below and if it makes sense to you, register, contribute to the community, share your passion, share your knowledge and I think we can make something positive happen here.

    1. This site will be run in a fair manner where input from the members is heard and welcomed.

    2.My pm's will always be on and everyone that messages me will get a reply. If I am asked a question in a topic you can be assured you will not be ignored. You may not like the answer but ignoring a member of the forum is just rude.

    3. Chose this domain name for a good reason and I mean it when I say this is not This is not my site, not my kingdom it is the communities site. Just felt a change is needed, not just in physical forums but in how things are run.

    4. The old saying goes absolute power corrupts absolutely, so taking that as a warning to myself because the last thing in this world I want is to become another "forum dictator", this is how I see things working. There will be 2 moderators and one admin. All 3 will be equal. It will be majority rules as far as policing the forum and if that means I get out voted be it. The first set of 2 moderators will be picked from a core group of people that I know and respect but will not necessarily be friends of mine. After things are up and running awhile and we hit a decent amount of members the community will pick the two moderators and I welcome input on when that should happen. The two Moderators will serve for a set term and then will be replaced by new people or retained as the community decides.

    5. Everyone is welcome here, newbies and veterans alike. I ask that people welcome those new to the board and the hobby. I know answering the same question 50 times can get annoying.....but hey think how the clerk in the grocery store feels when for the 20th time that day a customer asks what Aisle is the detergent in? Would you want him to say hey dummy look at the signs above the aisles....or just say with a smile aisle 7. New people are what keep forums fresh. Without new blood boards become stale and boring.

    6. The site is going to use the K.I.S.S system and be visually simple so the navigation is easy. We are a small community and in the same way a small town is not improved by a 100 story skyscraper we don't need 30 sub boards. Complexity does not = quality. If at some point in the distant future the scroll becomes a nuisance we will address that then. Decided not to use free software like f4f uses so we have additional options, such as ignore....if a user bugs you just ignore them and you will never see a post from them again.

    7. Policing. Disruptive people, spammers, trouble makers will be removed without warning. I do not consider them to be members as their reason for joining was just to cause trouble and be disruptive. For actual contributing, productive members of this forum infractions will be handled by the moderators in a majority rules manner. We are all adults, we know what is decent behavior and you don't need me listing the do's and don'ts. The site will be moderated LIGHTLY.....just like the 3 is too soft, one too hard, looking for just right.

    That's it.....welcome to your forum.

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    I know I said 2 mods and me but going to try 3 mods+admin, the 3 mods will do the voting and I will go plant figs and add my 2 cents.

    Some members are having trouble figuring out how to post a new topic. There is a light blue button on the left side that says + NEW TOPIC hit that.

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    When you receive a PM it will look like the message below. It will say who it is from and I then there will be the title, you simply click on the title. In the example below you would click on Email Spam.

    AscPete and I email spam
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