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  • A fig named "Deep Purple"?


    I was working at the OC chapter of CRFG's fundraiser booth at Green Scene yesterday, and a member had donated a fig named/ labeled "Deep Purple." (Lots of members donated stuff in advance of the event but only a handful members work each shift.) I had never hear of it, but I was familiar all the other varieties for sale. At first I assumed it was just as description of an unknown variety, but another volunteer pointed out that the unknown ones were set off to the side in a pile of "orphans." Does anyone know if Deep Purple is an actual named variety? Just before the start of the event I quickly scanned my smart phone and couldn't find anything, but then we got slammed with tons of customers. By the time it quieted down and I decided to take a chance, it had be sold. Is Deep Purple something I should be on the lookout for at a future scion exchange? I really don't need more than a half dozen fig varieties, but if it's particularly ideal for the often gloomy/ lacking heat coastal areas, I want to try it. Thanks in advance for any info you might know.
    Coastal SoCal/ USDA Zone 10b / Sunset 22 / AHS Heat zone 2

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    I've never heard of Deep Purple... The best source for any info would be the CRFG member that donated the Fig Cultivar.
    Good Luck.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b