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  • Fig Branches are Turning White

    Hi all,

    I took my fig tree out of storage and I noticed the branches have started to turn white...like a ghost (pale white bark)
    I took some peroxide thinking it was some sort of mold or dust...but nothing...still is white.

    Has anybody seen this before?

    I rooted this tree from the mother tree...which did have a whitish ghostly look in the wood. So I am not sure why this one is starting to turn white as shown in the pictures.

    The new wood is brown although.

    Could it be mold, a fungus or scales? It was stored in a shed kept at 5 C over the winter. My other fig trees did not exhibit this
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    I can't help with the white wood, but do you mean 5 degrees C (I hope...)?
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      yes 5 Celcius. I found an article that mentions white bark:

      "Fig fruits grow on fantastic trees with huge lobed leaves. In fall, the leaves drop, revealing gnarled and twisted branches covered in pale white bark that shines against the blue winter sky."

      Unless this variety turns whit during dormancy. I don't have much information other than it was my uncles and it came from Italy and it was grown in ground and winter protected. When I receive a 6 foot sucker off the main tree...it did have a pale bark...and It still does have a pale bark.

      I air layered a branch from it....the new growth was brown...anyways I am not sure. All I know is that it produces two crops and its a green fig.

      I am not sure if its scales...I never seen scales before and it doesn't look like what I googled...so I am ruling them out.
      Maybe this variety has a pale bark.

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        Here it is after I cleaned it with peroxide...still the same...so I know its the bark that is white.
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          Looks like fig tree bark to me, most my trees 2-3 year old bark looks "ghostly". I wouldn't worry about it.
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            I think fig bark turns white as it ages, at least in many varieties.
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              Thanks all for the feedback


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                Sì some do tis. My bigger one do every year
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                  Let's see you rise from the dead every year without turning white.
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