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  • Fig Rust Prevention and Control

    Fig rust is predominant in Humid areas and often defoiliates fig trees, but rarely kills them. There are no Fungicides that are "Labeled" specifically for figs, but any of the normal fungicides labeled for fruit trees can and will work to stop or reduce infection. I've Used Bonide Copper Fungicide, Bonide Sulfur Fungicide and have tried Neem Oil (all Certified Organic). They have all worked to stop the spread in inoculated leaves, but IMO, the Copper Fungicide has been the most effective. There are a few simple measures that can reduce infection.

    1. Removal and disposal of fallen leaves and debris.
    2. Keeping the leaves dry when watering.
    3. Pruning the trees or bushes to an "open center" for better air circulation.
    4. Early spraying of leaves, at first signs of inoculation to stop the spread of the fungus.

    Click image for larger version

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    Photos: by www.Ourfigs.com forum member eboone
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    Fig Rust:


    Please comment with any additional info and your prevention methods.
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    Thanks for posting this up a while ago Pete, Im going through this now and will go grab some of the Bonide Copper Fungicide.
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    • AscPete
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      You're welcome.
      Don't forget to spray the underside of leaves, that's where the Rust spores are produced

    • LouNeo
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      I went in with the spray bottle from home depot used the whole bottle... ordering the concentrate now and will be able to get the undersides better with the sprayer than with the bottle. Fingers crossed, im just happy to see that it doesnt seem to kill the plant.

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    There are a few advantages of living in a semi-arid area, when you all first stared talking about rust I had to look it up. I hope you are able to knock it out fast Lou.
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      Hello. I am puzzled by fig rust and the use of Liquid Copper as fungicide. Would anything indicate that applied to the Figs in spring would make fruit un eddible. Im wondering because information on how to treat fig rust is not very clear for the regular home gardener
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        Other options ranked by increasing cost.

        Daconil, an inexpensive general purpose fungicide. Home Depot

        Serenade, a bio engineered bacteria that produces streptomycin which is antifungal.
        Home Depot

        Azoxystrobin, a highly effective but pricey fungicide. Now off patent and available in several products.

        In Florida the heavy rains are a haven for fig rust. Besides cleanliness, ample airflow and sunshine helps. Sprinkler systems make it worse.

        I personally have used Serenade and know individuals who use the other two options I have listed. To my knowledge none are approved for use on figs. Likely because the market size is too small to justify getting approvals.

        The Bonide liquid copper is a liquid soap complex containing copper. Personally I'm not enthusiastic about a copper soap inhaled deep into the lungs. I recommend a charcoal respirator for all the products.

        Many products recommend thoroughly wetting both top and bottom of the leaf.
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          Great info. Thanks a lot

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        Natural remedy: 8-aspirins ground-up, 3-tablespoons of baking soda and 1-gal of water. Good option if you only need a tiny bit of spray.
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        • FigLOVIN
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          Thanks a lot aTG! That sounds much like a plan

        • ramv
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          Sounds like an excellent idea. Have you had this work?

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        I hope we dont get wet and rainy season this year, it was brutal for my fig trees last year, and was one of the worst seasons in a while. I will experiment with two different solutions and compare results. As of now bonide copper is my go to for this issue.
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          Great Thread! It’s always disappointing to have beautifully vibrant green leaves turn brown and crispy. It spreads like wild fire even with manual defoliation of infected leaves. I’ll try the copper fungicide this year so my figs have a chance to ripen. Thanks!
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            Great advice here. Into my journey of growing figs. Thank you.
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