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  • Rooting

    This is my first post here, besides my intro. Very nicely set up site. So I must admit I'm not the best at rooting cuttings. So maybe I should try other methods. I know people have been know to root rose cuttings using a potato. Basically, make a hole in potato, stick in cutting, bury it in potting mix. The potato provides moisture and nutrients. Has anyone ever tried that with figs? Wondering if it's worth a try. Thanks..Tony

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    Hello Tony,
    Welcome to Our Figs forum community.

    I haven't tried the potato method, but you can lose the potato and do a simple direct plant method. Here's one that I recommend, http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...rooting-method
    Good Luck.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Welcome Tony

      Do follow Pete link you should have great succes. Trust another newbie

      vincent zone 5 Canada
      Vincent Canada Qu├ębec zone5


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        I've tried the potato method for rooting rose cuttings and it was a big mess. The potatoes became rotten. The cuttings died. Never again. There are too many other methods that work, and work well. Why waste a good eating potato?
        Mara, Southern California,
        Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?