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  • Why are my leaves turning brown?

    I have a couple of cuttings that are still indoors and some of the leaves are turning brown, any idea why? I don't see mites and I am not over fertilizing?
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    Dave, you've ruled out mites, but I had had a spider mite infestation that left a couple of plants looking just like your second photo. I could just barely see little webs on the bottoms of the leaves and bases of the leaf stems. After two treatments with neem, and fearing spread of the little so-and-so's, I plucked the leaves off the two plants and put them out in full sun.
    If not mites, maybe a potassium deficiency, or some micronutrient.
    Maybe the media is leaching something essential, or the PH is off, preventing a nutrient uptake.
    Scary, you have a beautiful plant after all the stress of rooting, and something like this happens.
    I think I would uppot it to some good old MG potting soil with a handful of lime.


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      I agree with Rui, it looks like some kind of nutrient deficiency (Calcium or Magnesium), more info would help.
      If you are using a complete balanced water soluble fertilizer its possible that it may be too dilute (weak) for the growing plants.
      Good Luck.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        Well it might be time for a new set of glasses the wife looked at the leaves and spotted it right away , what else could be used besides Neem oil? I would like to treat them tonight and it is too late to go to the nursery

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          I think I need glasses too, all I see is a white arrow...
          I do see the little web now.
          I can tell you the Neem does work (sorta) well, at least it slows them down. I probably wasn't spraying often enough or using the right concentration. My infestation lasted a couple of weeks before I plucked the leaves, but probably mostly because I wasn't diligent.
          I think if you hold the plant on its side in one hand and spray the undersides of the leaves you might get some good results.
          I had a bad case of these things on a banana plant last year, and was able to knock them down by wiping the leaves with well-diluted dish detergent on a paper towel, but banana leaves are thicker and easier to wipe down.


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            Neem Oil 70% @ 2 -3 Tablespoons / gallon of water works quite well (100%) for spider mites, but has to be repeated @ 7 - 10 day intervals to get hatching eggs.

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          RUI I found some Azamax I drenched the leaves top and bottom I don't see how anything could survive that assault If it wasn't for the web you wouldn't see the mites unless you had a microscope , thanks for the quick reply as I would have never gone back and given it a second look , I guess the only way I will know if I am successful if I don't see new webs in a few days
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            I'm using a pyrenthium with canola oil in the mix...a monterey product..."Take Down Garden Spray"

            ​What is it about this year....lots of buggers

            my spider mites are now "under control"...for the moment....3 sprays, 5 days apart
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              Dave, I hate to ask where do you think they came from? I sprayed once and they were gone. Being outside helps a lot to get rid of them. I guess there are predators out there.
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                With all the talk about plucking leaf and outside could Tis be done for the bug issue and as well to acclimate newer tree to the direct full sun?
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                  Hershell they were here before your tree came here , it would be allot better if they were outside but it is a little too early here still I looked at them this morning everything looks good hopefully one treatment of the Azamax will do it
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                    Be cautious with Azamax...pay close attention to the mixing information and application rates...just a FYI

                    I use it as well
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