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  • Seeking Peter's Honey...please read though

    Looking for Peter's Honey. I had terrible luck rooting it, and the one that did root died on me. As a caveat, I've read that PH can be a bit hit and miss...some folks are lukewarm on it, while others think its straight amazing. I'm looking for someone in the latter category, who thinks their PH is just absolutely delicious

    As a sidenote, I'm also looking for Brooklyn White and Hollier cuttings, but those are just a bonus...its all about the PH really. I'm willing to pay whatever someone thinks is fair, just PM me please
    Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a

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    I don't have any cuttings - I have 3 trees I hope come out of their dormancy this year. I had a PH a couple year's ago and I personally liked the fruit a lot. I can't compare it to a host of other figs because many of mine haven't fruited yet, but it was a nice sweetness, not overwhelming. That said, the tree was young before I killed it
    Arne - Northern NJ - Zone 6A