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  • Can a cutting re-root after initial roots die?

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ID:	16199 Hey guys...so out of my 2 Col De Dame Noir cuttings... the smallest one which was scored and had dip n gro apllied shot off like a rocket with incredible root growth...was cupped up and is performing nicely with extensive roots and a beginning leaf set that looks healthy.

    Meanwhile my other cutting is possibly done for. This cutting was not scored and only had 2 tiny baby roots poking out with 2 cracked open green buds...I cupped it the same time as the other, but no change after 5 days and both green buds dried and turned brown...so I panicked took out the cutting... Roots showed no growth and looked unhealthy while the other cutting has roots throughout the cup... I put on the superman cape and decided maybe it could be salvaged considering there was 2 buds unopened that still look healthy... I decided to throw it back in my Co Co Coir bin... No change after 3 days, some mild mold at the bottom which i scrubbed with a toothbrush and Neem Oil. I scored it and had a healthy looking green cambium layer...also applied some Dip N grow. 2 Buds still look healthy with a green layer slightly exposed. The other 2 buds appear to be healing as it seems it formed a new shell almost...

    Guys I'm hopeful for a good prognosis...has anyone ever encountered a Laserus cutting come back from the dead? I have some gut feeling that due to the size of cutting, with it being thicker then some trunks of the 2-3 year cuttings I've seen....just maybe it has plenty of reserve Energy to root again???
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    I've had my share of cuttings that came back from the dead. I abandoned a handful of them in my growing box at the end of last spring, took them for goners. Months later, when I finally got around to cleaning the box, some of them had sprouted. They had no light for months!
    Of course, once I took them out and gave them some TLC, a couple of them died, but that part of the story is something else
    By the way, I meant to tell you in the other thread: congratulations on the CDDN rooting. If this one also roots, it's just a bonus. Your other one will give you cuttings in the Fall, so getting one of two is a huge success.


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      Thanks Rui

      I just wished I didn't let my impatience get the best of me... if I had let the cutting sit just a few days longer in the Coir bin to get a better root structure...It probably would be taking off right about now....We'll see what happens.


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        I've had a few come back from the dead, too. When I thought they were dead and tossed them aside and then ignored them, they rooted. I'm still finding some of the "dead" cuttings from last September rooting now.
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          There's a good chance it will still root. Some cuttings, even those from the same batch just take longer. Sometimes this is a good thing, maybe for some reason something happens to your front runners and you lose them, then you have backup which came from your slower cuttings. I hate to admit it but it's happened to me on multiple occasions that a slower cutting turned out to be my savior for a variety. So, just have patience and maybe only check them once a week. I'm sure most of us could tell you that willing them to have roots does not make roots appear any faster.
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            What we go through as parents...
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              CdDN was hard for me to root. My first cutting from a generous forum member sat in it's baggie for two-three months- nothing. I gave up on it, bought two more on eBay and one of those died. Then two weeks ago I checked the baggie, and the first CdDN had a little green bump on it. I potted it up with the green bump just under the medium, thinking maybe I only had one viable node. (it was the last one in the baggie). I checked it today and was surprised to see three big long roots on the side of the cup. I think it's going to make it. The rooted second CdDN was moved up to a gallon pot yesterday and looks great.
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