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  • Good Ebay transaction Report

    Bought cuttings from ebay seller "apache011-2" good transaction, prompt service.
    Wish List - Any LSU fig

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    Of couse it'll be years before you know if it's the right fig Good luck!
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


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      I wasn't going to say that Bob.
      Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


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        I would offer that regardless of who you get a tree or cutting from there is always risk, hell I have trees in my inventory that have a tag on the tree and a tag on the pot and guess what...they are different, my screw up, they go in the do not sell area, sooner or later the true identity will show.

        I didn't state anything about the type being true, only that the transaction was a good one and the service was prompt. I do not expect anything other than those two things until I get the cuttings, then I expect the cuttings to be in good shape, I only hope that they are as advertised and true to type.

        True to type cuttings are absolutely dependent on the donor being CORRECTLY IDENTIFIED in the beginning and confidence must start there. We all take a chance when we buy cuttings or trees from anyone, reputation and feedback help with confidence but neither guarantee anything. The only thing that matters is the seller standing behind the transaction. We all must understand that if it is wrong we lose valuable time, and in some cases, money, the chance we take.

        No big deal, if you are worried about true to type cuttings you may have a difficult time in this hobby and you should only buy from someone close enough to return the mistake.

        Hershell - there is a bad guy near you and they are famous for mis-typed figs, and I would never buy from them, no matter how close they were, I would take my chances online before buying from them.
        Wish List - Any LSU fig


        • Hershell
          Hershell commented
          Editing a comment
          That's a real problem. I have a lot of trees from him allready and I can't read my scribble and surely can't desifer his. At least when I buy from Harvey and can't read it he blames it on his wife ( I don't beleave that for a minute). I really wish you had warned me about this character sooner. I was giving you a hard time about your transaction and thinking about how many I have that I hope are correct. Just part of the hobby.

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        Thanks for sharing your positive Ebay experience. Good Luck

        I have to agree with Bob C. Post #2 and disagree with some of your comments in post #4.

        IMO, The Ebay Vendors of Fig plant material on the Vendors list, http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...s-vendors-list have usually posted their personal pictures of the figs and leaves of trees that they've personally grown and have for sale on Ebay. Although there will be occasional "mix ups", the buyer has some idea beforehand of the cultivar that's being purchased and a basic visual of being "true to type".
        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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          Pete - I would always feel more confident about buying from an experienced member, even mores o over a commercial nursery. It seems like there was a recent apology by a member about some mix up, happens to us all, I also feel extremely confident that our members would absolutely make it right.

          Way too much conversation on something as simple as a good transaction on ebay. IMO
          Wish List - Any LSU fig


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            I've been thinking about buying from that seller. I informed him of the problem in general and asked a bunch of questions. It will still be a crap shoot but I may try it. If I were to sell you a fig and it turned out to be the wrong one I'd apologize publicly here and a dozen people would offer you one for free and a few people would offer me one for free There's almost a communal guarantee going on

            I am glad that the preliminary evaluation is positive.
            Bob C.
            Kansas City, MO Z6