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  • Hedging My Bets Redux

    Just upgraded my iphone and wanted to check the camera out. It's been a great spring so far!
    Smith, Lebanese Red, Pastelliere Unk, Violette Solies, CdCN x2, Viloette Dauphine, etc etc, Black Madiiera from Madiera, Preto.

    Decent photos?

    Click image for larger version

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    Frank Tallahasee 8B
    North Florida Figs

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    Very nice Dr. Feel Good. I like that kind of hedge.
    Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


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      The hedges have nothing on your setup, Hersh.
      Frank Tallahasee 8B
      North Florida Figs


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        Looks great Franco
        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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          awesome. Beautiful hedges. .
          Jeff in 6a


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            I love your fig farm, Frank! Cloudy bright lighting (assuming the sky isn't just blown out) can be difficult for some cameras. The photos have a washed out look to them, as if desaturated. Try a daytime photo indoors with a lot of color and let us see that.
            Bob C.
            Kansas City, MO Z6


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              Nice tree frog. What do I win


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                Looks good! I'll be putting a hedge soon, too. What spacing are they at?
                SE PA
                Zone 6


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                  Secondary, tertiary and quaternary rows around the curve. Ah. it has been too long my friend. Looking GOOD!!!!!!!
                  jimmie aka JD | tallahassee.fl | zone.8b | davistating.eBay


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                    Looks good. I am curious as well what your hedge row spacing is. And what is your spacing for your non-hedge row figs.


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                      Jimmie, the door is always open.

                      The hedges are approximately 150 feet long and the trees are 3 feet apart. It started as a place to dump extras, but it is now receiving some of my most prized trees (it is a protected area compared to the main orchard). I know, I know they are too close together. It is a work in progress, as they say.
                      Frank Tallahasee 8B
                      North Florida Figs


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                        Looks real good Frank. I still remember my first visit when there were only a few figs to sample. But what an amazing diversity of flavor. I keep hoping I will have a good selection this year including the Green Ischia you graciously gifted me. Maybe I'll come through this year when they are ripening.

                        Have you ever tasted your CDD Noir? Mine is incredibly slow growing and I gave it a five star location. It must improve.
                        Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a


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                          Charles, come by for a visit. Yes, I had one or two of the CDDN last fall for the first time, but they weren't fully ripe. This year will be a different story.
                          Last edited by FMD; 04-28-2015, 09:09 PM.
                          Frank Tallahasee 8B
                          North Florida Figs


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                            Looking good, Frank! I had a question when I first saw your hedges in person ... they are close to your pines (my neighbors all have loads of pine trees) ... did you have to adjust the entire area for ph? Im wondering what successive years of pine needles would do to the soil -- assuming it would acidify it a bit..

                            The trees and cuttings you graciously gifted to me are doing fine -- the "Class of 2014" is on their way to making wonderful little trees...



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                              James, glad of your rooting success and also of turning the disaster of losing the identity of 18 figs into a positive giveaway to kids from your class.

                              I've limed imdividual trees but have not done a full scale adjustment of the area. It is simply too large. A few of the trees are over 7 feet tall, so they don't seem to mind. Fruit production is very low, however.
                              Frank Tallahasee 8B
                              North Florida Figs


                              • Darkman
                                Darkman commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Frank could you tell a difference after liming.

                                For all you brainiacs is Lime something that would help with fruiting. I would think that Frank's and my yard is about 6.2 ph. I have some huge trees but very spotty fruiting. Maybe this will be the year. I sure hope so.