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  • Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh !!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

    Sorry Ive been rare for awhile ... in the middle of Florida's "testing season" which has now extended through most of the last quarter of the school year when the $200 million testing program works, that is ... grrrr

    So this fall I try my hand at "rooting for real" and building a little collection. The first batch of cuttings were planted in December and brought the family 20 baby fig trees of various sorts. They've now been up-potted to one gallon containers for their first year of life and are getting cozy in the dappled shade / part sun .... My wife now thinks I am ready for Baker acting...

    Flush with success, I start the second batch of 20 cuttings. 18 make it to where they are now due for up-potting. In order to be a good steward of the environment, I simply number the plastic plant tags so they can be re-used ( i recycled the solo cups that i started them in, as well). I carefully list the variety of each on a legal pad, with the intent of registering the info into my computer at a later date.

    And then life sets in , yadayada and the computer list never got made.

    I get set for the up-potting fiesta and go to make the permanent tag for each baby tree. Naturally, the legal pad with the notes on it has gone to Valhalla and I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened to it. Three of the cuttings had the name of the variety on them in paint pen..the rest are a mystery.

    Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh ! Im sure some of you know where Im coming from. Poor little fig trees without a proper name.... what to do?

    Then I thought about it. Many of these little sticks full of promise were the result of very generous people. SOOOOO it was time to "pay it forward". I put a note on my whiteboard -- "Free baby fig trees" with instructions for parents to write me a note requesting one so little johnny or jenny wouldnt just show up out of the blue with an orphan fig tree.

    By the end of the next day, all trees were claimed. They went home today with their new very very happy owners (they squealed like little kids...very atypical for 8th graders to try to act oh-so-cool-and-mature around the younger kids. School policy forbids posting pics of kids w/out parental permission, but I assure you the smiles were blinding.

    We spent after school time planting 8 other trees from my first batch (and a few I started last spring) in our school's slowly expanding orchard. THe principal walked out, praised the kids work and then said the magic words...

    "You can have as much room as you want for your garden project"

    hahahhahahhahahhah If she only knew what she's agreed to ....

    Happy Spring/Summer Y'all ... the brebas are growing and soon it will be time to wage war with Mr. Mockingbird and his trusty sidekick Mrs. Thrasher

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    That's so awesome! You just gave 18 kids their gateway fig to a future fig addiction. 😊 The first one's free.
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