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  • Blenderizeds diet

    My wife and I have been working with my daughter for the last six months trying to find the best things to feed her. She has a feeding tube that she gets all of her food thourgh. We try to give her the best and nutritious foods possible and everyone knows home grown is always the best way to go.
    We have been trying to give her a variety of different fruits so she gets everything she needs. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what all figs has in them from a nutritional stand point. Does different figs have different values? Does anyone find that figs help with upset stomach because I have read they help in some way.
    Any information would be great. If anyone would know anything it would be you all..
    Thanks Erick
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    First off, I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is using a feeding tube.

    The different nutritional values in figs is probably negligible and it would be difficult to find those differences.

    I'm not sure about upset stomachs but are very healthy (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc) and have a decent amount of soluble fiber which is good but too much can also be bad (gas, diarrhea).

    Here is a link with some nutritional info:

    Delicately sweet, succulent fig fruit is abundant in many health-benefiting phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. Dried figs, in fact, are a concentrated source of minerals and vitamins. Nutrition profile/100g: Calories- 74, Vitamin B6- 0.113 mg (9% DV), Vitamin A- 142 IU (5%), Potassium- 232 mg (5% DV), Iron- 0.37 mg (5% DV).
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      Thanks for that link don that's really helpful. It's funny that your from Columbus because that's where we take her every few weeks. To nationwide children's. They saved her life and was so good to us. They use Autymn for national advertising for the hospital. She is in better homes and gardening, people, Oprah, good housekeeping right now. We just got back from Columbus yesterday. Thanks Erick
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        I am a type 1 diabetic. I have found it is difficult to lump foods (even the same kind). Many times it comes down to trial and error.

        As an example: Many years ago when I was living in Houston, I would frequent a particular bbq restaurant. I would order the same thing just about every time... a baked potato stuffed with bbq. The people there knew me and my needs and would weight the potatoes for me before they stuffed it, so I would know how much insulin to take. At one point over a six month period, I had eaten there 5 times and had a pretty severe blood sugar crash each time. I asked the owner if they were doing anything different. He said everything was the same as always. We continued to brain storm to try to find the problem, and came up with nothing. So he called his wife out of the back to see if she could come up with anything. She said six months prior she started ordering potatoes from a different vendor. That change produced a 25% adjustment to my insulin intake.

        Figs are the same. There have been some varieties which seem to have a dramatic affect on my b/s levels... others not so much. They are generally high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. If excess fiber is an issue, use them sparingly. Also, you will want to be certain the figs are fully ripe. Many people are irritated by the milky sap of fig trees. Unripe figs may contain some of that sap.
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          I know what your saying, even small things affect Autymn. We are trying different things slowly so we know what she does good with. That's one of the reasons I've been getting different verieties of trees. So when we know which ones works good we will have the same fruit. I've got so far, apples, cherries, grapes, plums, kiwis, strawberries, rasberries, and of course figs..
          Thanks for the information Erick
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