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  • Your Earliest Maincrop Variety?

    Fun time of year at Ourfigs, I enjoy reading folks' harvest reports and seeing those luscious fruit.

    In my short season location, the early varieties are of particular interest to me and have been a focus as I built my collection.

    Improved Celeste, Florea were the first two last year for me, RDB not far behind.

    I have a number of plants that will be producing their first crops, so it will be interesting to see if my first three maintain their standing.

    Thanks to those who post ripening time lists like mountainfigs, strudeldog, keep it up!
    Hope others will add their experiences- what are your first maincrop fig to ripen?
    Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
    Wishlist- earliest maincrop varieties

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    RdB, Florea and LSU Tiger, within 3d of each other last year. This year will see how IC compares
    SW PA zone 6a


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      Last year I had main crop from Smith on 8/19 and my Demos Unk. on 8/7. IC also ripened early but was lousy tasting due to watering system failures causing shock. None of the above had a head start.
      Zone 10b, Miami, FL


      • zone5figger
        zone5figger commented
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        Demos Unk? I would like to learn more a but this one...

      • Rafaelissimmo
        Rafaelissimmo commented
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        Pm me your address, I'll semd you pics and some cuttings. It is a really thirsty variety, needs lots of water in a SIP during hot weather. Maine might be a good fit lol

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      My Unk Pastilier, Red Lebanese (Bekaa) and BI-39 were three weeks earlier than my RdB this year.
      CA 9b "May you sit under your own fig tree..." This metaphor, in use since Solomon, is a wish for the receiver's spirit to know peace, for their family to be secure, and for their life to be fruitful.


      • zone5figger
        zone5figger commented
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        Those three were your earliest? Any ideas why they produced so much sooner than your RDB?

      • Bluemalibu
        Bluemalibu commented
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        I haven't a clue, Jesse... it was indeed wonderful though, to have such incredible figs ripen at the start of summer!

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      My list of some of my Main crop ripening dates. Some were young and produced for the first time so I'm hoping this year will be earlier.
      8-15-16 RDB
      8-18-16 Conadria
      8-21-16 Takoma Violet
      8-21-16 LSU Tiger
      8-22-16 Atreano
      8-25-16 Negretta
      8-26-16 Pastiliere & Celeste
      8-27-16 Abruzze
      8-31-16 Valle Negra & Osborn Prolific
      9-1-16 LaRadek's Brown Turkey & Malta Black
      9-8-16 Hardy Chicago
      9-10-16 Berbera & Chiappetta & Qalaat al Madiq
      9-14-16 Nero
      9-14-16 Black Madeira & Black Bethlehem
      9-15-16 Black Triana (in ground)
      9-18-16 Longe d' Aout
      9-20-16 Violetta
      9-22-16 Alma
      10-2-16 Preto
      10-20-16 Improved Celeste (in ground and has been cut back severely due to trades)
      10-20-16 Florea - small new tree
      10-23-16 Smith
      10-24-16 Cole de Dame Blanca

      Wishlist; Green Michurinska, St. Rita
      Sarver, PA Zone 6A.


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        Mt Etna, Ronde de Bordeaux, Improved Celeste, Florea, Tiger. Core orchard, this group of 5 dark figs, the group most reliably productive and flavorful here in main crop, and generally or very early ripening.

        Always want diversity, so looking to light fig production, I pass over the early ripening but unreliably flavored Conadria and Atreano for the slightly later and somewhat later ripening but reliable flavorful producers Brooklyn White, Long Yellow, and Nordland, also perhaps the Kadota types and LSU Gold.

        I expect there to be potential for some change in both of these groupings but more potential for change in the light fig group. More likely: expansion among the dark fig group, and expansion or change among the light figs.
        Tony WV 6b


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          First outlier Celeste yesterday, none others close. A year since I had a Celeste, my favorite and it was fantastic. I still can't get used to the "TN Mountain Fig" transformation of the Celeste here. Smaller and lighter color fruit here in E. TN, almost a pinkish bronze color. Our Celeste in New Orleans was a darker maroon/purple and a little larger. Funny that the taste seems to be the same, 500 miles and the same tree is much different with the change in climate. I have a few LSU Purples that are brown and will beat the rest of the Celeste I think. Next will be the LSU Gold and a few Siblawi.


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            Lots of great information. I am in a short season also so it nice to have the wisdom of others for reference.
            Tony, Toronto Canada USDA 4B
            Figue Janue, Yellow Neches, St Martain, Texas Peach.


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              It looks like I will have De Tres Esplets within the week, delayed start for the tree due to @@@@ty weather this year. I also had some air layers on that i think sucked some energy from it.

              RDB last year started producing mid july, but had a bit of a head start. I'm expecting RDB should be in the next 2 weeks for sure. My smith might not be far behind
              May the Figs be with you!


              • zone5figger
                zone5figger commented
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                De Tres Esplets is on my radar, some cuttings I tried to root didn't make it, and now I am kicking myself for not doing a graft as backup!
                Hope you will share your harvest report...

              • BrooklynMatty
                BrooklynMatty commented
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                And we were just talking about it Jesse and it started to swell

                I'll post reports as they come

              • BrooklynMatty
                BrooklynMatty commented
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                De Tres Esplets - 1st main on 8/4 . RDB just started swelling, so i expect by 8/10 RDB will be setting.

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              It seems to have been a slow ripening year here in the NE, cool spring and now autumn weather shifting in a bit early for the many green figs I hope will ripen...
              One small ray of sunshine is that I see some Improved Celeste maincrop figs have started to swell and color up, looks like this one will be my first maincrop variety again, beating out RDB and Florea.
              Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
              Wishlist- earliest maincrop varieties


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                Tonycm This list has me adding more to my wish list. Although I live in CA I have a shorter growing cycle than most since I am coastal. I just started adding my list to Excel and had not thought of writing in crop ripening dates. It's seems like something interesting to track. Thanks for post the post. I might as well add in tasting notes too!
                Zone 10b, Coastal. Wish List: Aurora, Deos Negra, Siggiu Russo, Mendeza, Ischia Black, Boreal, Sodus Sicilian, Sangue Dolce, Col Lit BC; Long Yellow


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                  Picked my first IC today, potted tree. Figgy sweetness, unsplit despite the rains. Florea and RDB both have fruit swelling and starting to color so should be ready soon. No big surprises here. It will be interesting to see if my inground IC repeats this feat.
                  Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
                  Wishlist- earliest maincrop varieties


                  • Fygmalion
                    Fygmalion commented
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                    There is a short ton of Vista on the tree I acquired from Kerry... Already enjoyed several fruit that I rated at 9.5 for flavor only behind the awesome BM's I have been blessed to taste... also from Kerry's trees...... really hoping a number of those Vista's ripen along with the half dozen or so BM's already well on their way and protected by Organza Bags... It will be a good fall season for me if the BM's and Vista's fall in line... A harbinger of the 2018 growing season of the best kind....

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                  GZ 6A North of Pittsburgh . Have been picking large atreano and nice sweet RDB, just started picking petite negri and BI-39. Lots of ripening varieties coming next week or so.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  Attached Files
                  Wish List: 🙏🏼 Mavra Sika


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                    my dominicks started ripening figs mid august.
                    it's the first to leaf out n the first to fruit.
                    black triana came a week later.
                    these trees are very similar.
                    both will give me big crops this year.
                    unfortunately, both taste identical.
                    i would cull one, but both are pretty trees in places i need pretty trees.
                    burner of trees
                    high plains, maybe zone 7.


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                      I'm on the cusp.... I'm hearing a drum roll now! Neck in neck... Atreano or Paradiso! Who will it be?!?

                      Edit: It's my 555th post... Do I get to make a wish? I wish my fig would ripen!
                      Guildwood Village - Toronto, Canada - Zone 6


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                        which paradisio, joe?
                        my bronze is weeks from ripening.
                        burner of trees
                        high plains, maybe zone 7.


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                          Mine is green with red pulp interior.
                          Guildwood Village - Toronto, Canada - Zone 6


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                            oh! i wanted to report that the guys saying that older trees produce faster are correct.
                            my dominicks was 12 days earlier in its third summer than in the second.
                            if that keeps happening. i'll get fruits in the end of july.
                            that's a very pleasant prospect.
                            burner of trees
                            high plains, maybe zone 7.


                            • TorontoJoe
                              TorontoJoe commented
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                              end of july? I'm jealous! I still have squat!

                            • susieqz
                              susieqz commented
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                              oh, i think that will take 2 more years if the current rate continues.
                              unfortunately, my records aren't good enow to say if that is happening to my othere trees, but at least the black triana.
                              the HC sure isn't speedy this year.
                              if i can wrap a big tree in your heating cable, i might speed everything up.
                              you need to post details about how close to each branch the cable needs to be.

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                            Brandon St Unk. ripened brebas and main crop before the end of August. It's super reliable and tasty. Produces early too for such a small tree.

                            Here's a list of figs that ripened for me last year.
                            You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 4 photos.
                            Ben B.
                            Seattle, WA



                            • ross
                              ross commented
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                              Ripened early here as well.

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                            Sorted through my ripening time notes from the past 4 summers, listed below, the first ripening times for all varieties that ripened prior to September, arbitrary cutoff point of August 31, main crop (non breba) figs only.

                            The striking thing to me in this list is the comparatively large gap between the first 3 varieties to ripen (RdB, IC, Florea) and everything else: 10-12 days, or nearly 2 weeks before Mt Etna first ripens, and then nearly 3 weeks before many others begin to ripen. 2-3 weeks in a growing zone where optimal ripening days for main crop is scarcely 8 or 9 weeks is huge.

                            Main Crop Earliest Ripe Dates (in pots, 2014 - 2017, July and August only)
                            1. Ronde de Bordeaux July 27
                            2. (LSU) Improved Celeste 28
                            3. Florea 29
                            4. Mt Etna August 09
                            5. LSU O'Rourke 11
                            6. Atreano 11
                            7. LSU Purple 15
                            8. Conadria 15
                            9. LSU Tiger 16
                            10. Nordland 16
                            11. Sultane 16
                            12. Brooklyn White 17
                            13. Hunt 19
                            14. LSU Gold 19
                            15. Wuhan 19
                            16. Kadota 19
                            17. Osborn Prolific 20
                            18. Violette de Bordeaux 20
                            19. Galbun 20
                            20. Celeste 21
                            21. LSU Champagne 22
                            22. Long Yellow 24
                            23. White Triana 24
                            24. Calverte 25
                            25. Italian 376 26
                            26. Lemon/Blanche (U. Ital. White) 26
                            27. Excel 26
                            28. Emerald Strawberry (UC 143-36) 26
                            29. Lyndhurst White 28
                            30. Fico Bianca 28
                            31. Janice Kadota 29
                            32. Peter's Honey (Pingo de Mel?) 30
                            33. Violet Sepor 31
                            Tony WV 6b


                            • ramv
                              ramv commented
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                              Tony, do you have Pastiliere, Malta Black or Latarulla? I was wondering if they'd be earlier for you than Hardy Chicago and other Mt.Etna figs.

                            • mountainfigs
                              mountainfigs commented
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                              Yes, sort of: 1) Malta Black seems to me to be Mt Etna and ripens here just the same as Mt Etna by any name. 2) Latarulla gives a nice breba fig in June or July or even August, however its main crop for me is late, ripening in September. (In the past, I mistook its breba crop for main crop and thought it was an early fig, but no.) 3) I have Pastiliere but it has not yet borne fruit.