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  • Orchard Tourism?

    I saw this and thought of all the people here with fig orchards. Has anyone here thought of doing something like this with their fig orchard? On one of my tours of India, I did some home stays with bed and breakfast in agricultural areas and it was fun to see a working tea plantation, coffee and jackfruit growing, other farming going on, and enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables just picked. If I ever go back to India, it would probably be during the mango season.

    "UP explores feasibility of orchard tourism

    Shailvee Sharda,TNN | May 6, 2015, 10.23 AM IST

    LUCKNOW: UP Tourism department is exploring possibility of introducing orchard tourism in the state, to give visitors a chance to explore country life during the harvest season. Many hill states, besides Gujarat and Maharashtra are already offering such packages.

    The government is working on formulating a policy to encourage farmers and land owners to build small hotels in the orchards and green areas where tourists can stay on a bed-and-breakfast deal. The government would provide external amenities like road, power supply and drainage system to aid the facilities.

    First level meeting between tourism officials, consultants and some orchard owners who are running the concept successfully was held in April while the next round is slated this week.

    Experience from other states suggests that farmers benefit from it significantly. "Farmers get buyers at their doorsteps and these buyers pay for their visit to the farm," said a farm owner in Himanchal Pradesh. Officials are optimistic about Lucknow's potential of orchard tourism with the 15,000-hectare Malihabad-Maal-Rahimabad belt known for Dussehri mangoes.

    "If integrated with Lucknow's architectural heritage, cuisine and tradition of dance and music, this package can work very well," said Prateek Hira, an international tour operator in city. He added that mango festivals can blend well with the concept.

    UP Tourism director general Amrit Abhijat claimed the department has identified several spots in western districts, Terai region, Bundelkhand and Avadh (Lucknow-Faizabad region) for the purpose. "A feasibility study will begin shortly," he said.

    Officials in tourism department said mango orchards in UP attract a lot of people and they can be drawn to the farms once the facilities come up. Notably, UP's mango belt spans over 4 lakh hectare area in north and central UP.

    While the northern belt comprise Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Bagpat, Meerut, JB Phule Nagar and Bulandshahr while the central belt spreads over Hardoi, Sitapur, Barabanki, Lucknow, Unnao, Pratapgarh, Varanasi and Faizabad."

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    There was a gal from the UK who had a fig grove in Portugal on the other forum and we were encouraging her to do this kind of thing. Harvey has toyed with U-Pick touristy things.
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      I was watching some youtube videos yesterday about growing tea in several countries. Some had hotels and tours associated with their businesses. One had turned an old colonial packing/processing building into a very nice hotel. I'd go on an orchard tour as part of a trip.
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