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  • LSU Marketed Fig at Kmart from 20 - 23 years ago

    About 20 to 23 years ago my mother bought a fig tree from Kmart that was marketed as an "LSU" type fig. She does not remember what kind of LSU one. But was aware of the LSU program and bought it because of that. The tree grows very well here and makes small to medium great tasting figs. However, I have not idea what kind of "lsu" fig it might be and suspect it might simply be a Celeste (or maybe Hardy Chicago??) that was mislabeled. What are your thoughts? Could this be some type of LSU fig from 20+ years ago that slipped through? Or just a bad labeling job by Kmart

    The mother tree died from being blown over in a storm. But we grew a number of other trees from cuttings. The pictures are from a new tree I grew from a cutting just by sticking it in the ground.

    The pictures were taken July 21, 2014. Sorry for the poor inside picture. I had just ripped it in half instead of using a knife. Also, the tree is covered with tiny green figs that just appeared in the last week if that helps any as well.

    Love to here your opinions on this. Thanks!
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    From the pictures it looks to be a Celeste... More pictures of the figs, cut open, with a quarter for scale and the eye can help with a better ID.
    Good Luck
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Thanks Pete. When it makes more this summer I'll do that.