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  • Her Majesty the Queen

    EDIT: Not a DLR. I goofed up big time. The real DLR has not woken up yet. I thought I had placed it in the pot you see in the picture but I was wrong. Trying to Identify the one pictured.

    De La Reina,

    This is the Pons version. Not the UCD
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 5 photos.
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    Good to see your trees waking up Rafed.
    Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


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      Sorry for the goof up folks but this is not the DLR


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        Well it's something and Rafed don't keep junk!
        Bob C. KC, MO Zone 6a. Wanted: Martineca Rimada, Galicia Negra, Fioroni Ruvo, De La Reina - Pons, Tauro, BFF, Sefrawi, Sbayi, Mavra Sika , Fillaciano Bianco, Corynth, Souadi, Acciano Purple, LSU Tiger, LSU Red, Cajun Gold, BB-10 any great tasting fig


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          I think I am 99.9% certain it is the Maltese Beauty.
          My MB once grew to over six feet tall and one day strong winds knocked it in half. I stood it up and braced it with bamboo till about the late summer or fall. When I removed the bamboo it broke completely off without any effort. The area where it bent was very brittle.

          I looked for pictures from last season and this same pot (after the break off) that is pictured was sitting right where the MB sat all season long.

          We will compare later in the season to be 100% certain.


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            LOL Bob