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  • Small bugs

    I've got some little small bugs crawling around in the top inch of dirt with my cutting. Will they damage my cuttings. What should I do to kill or remove them?
    Thanks. Erick. 6b Kentucky
    Kentucky Zone 6b

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    I'm in a small bug killing mood...don't ask me

    if it moves...it's gone....

    rough season start

    now if it were later, and I'd had a few figs..........Nah, I'd still kill em
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      Oh man I hear ya... Lol
      I got a bucket of water and mixed some bleach in it. Then washed all of the dirt and bugs off the cutting and roots. Then put it in some fresh dirt.
      Kentucky Zone 6b


      • AscPete
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        IMO actual "dirt" or soil should never be used to grow potted cuttings. There are too many microbes and insects that can cause failure and decreased success (survival) rates. Potted cuttings should be started in "sterile" clean medium. Direct planting in ground in soil is a normal practice in warmer zones, but it usually has lower success rates.

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      If is fungus gnats (little black fast twitching semi flying bugs) I have learned sterile sand 2 inch on top of soil and either burry pot in sand so drain hole covered or use coffee filter in bottom of pot before potting so water can drain but keep bugs out.
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        A more detailed description or pictures of the bugs would be helpful with the ID, but I've only observed a few buds hanging around cuttings. Fungus Gnats, their worm like Larvae and sometimes Springtails. Attached are photos and info on Springtails. As noted in the document Springtails are found in wet soils with high organic content, which is not where you want tender cuttings. Good Luck.
        Click image for larger version

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        Identifying and controlling springtails in Minnesota homes

        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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          That was the first cuttings that I started and I did use potting mix. Now I'm using coir for my cuttings, will they get in the coir? I'm new to this so I will make mistakes but next time I will take measures to fix this. Thanks for the help and the the information..
          Thanks. Erick
          Kentucky Zone 6b


          • drphil69
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            Potting mix should be OK... but fungus gnats can still be in there. If they are fungus gnats, I've had good success with 'gnat nix.' When I initially wet out my mix I use it at the highest recommended dose, and if I see any I will water with it and spray it on the surface. They can be deadly to newly rooting cuttings.

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          Thanks for the help. I need all of the help I can get right now with this. Who knew there was so much to this.. Lol little tricks of the trade like this one can be so useful.. Thanks
          Kentucky Zone 6b