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  • ebay feedback

    I started receiving fig cuttings and plants from ebay. Would it be appropriate to wait until the cuttings and plants have been proven to be the true cultivar sold?

    Also, it seems that would be well past 180 day timeframe for filing a claim with ebay if the fig were not true to sale.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    I don't think you can give feedback over 90 days from purchase.
    Frank ~ zone 7a VA


    • HarveyC
      HarveyC commented
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      It's only 60 days. eBay's Buyer Protection Program that allows for refunds is good for 30 days.

    • F. Bennett
      F. Bennett commented
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      Thanks Harvey

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    That's one of the problems (issues) of purchasing fig cuttings from Unknown Ebay vendors.
    The feedback is usually about the transaction, the actual cuttings and their shipped condition, not about the actual product since it will take 1 -2 years to produce figs from cuttings.
    With Known Vendors, http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...s-vendors-list they have a track record and documentation for their "product". Good Luck.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      I echo what Pete and Harvey stated. It really is peace of mind to only buy from known honest sellers on eBay. It really does! About 10yrs ago when the gas prices shot up real high, I decided to buy a 250cc Moped on eBay. Back then they were really reasonable but only a few 250cc seller other there. One particilar seller had good feedback...plenty of photos, detailed description of the bike and everything. They were located in Pa. I vistited their website and saw many more picture and felt confident about the seller so I bought the bike. I called the seller. Sent her a cashier's check for the deposit. After I did that, she called me and said I needed to choose another bike because the one listed on eBay was sold in her store. She said, newer models are coming in 4weeks from China but it is a different bike. I told her I only wanted the bike listed in the add, and nothing different. She said no. I told her then I want a refund. She said no!

      I emailed ebay. They called me and after I explained what happened, they contacted the seller and forced her to send me a full refund. I gave her negative feedback do to the bait and switch game she tried to play, and the crazy lady gave me a negative feedback saying I did not pay her! Make sure you know who you're buying from on eBay.
      Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a


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        Ok, I'll go with the smoothness of the transaction, timely delivery and the condition of the cuttings or plant, keeping my fingers crossed.
        Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b