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  • Idiot proof way of starting cuttings

    Ok, I got my UCD cuttings back in early April. They were pretty long so I cut them into 3s and started rooting them. Now, normally I would place them inside my propagator but this year I decided to play around. This method is nothing special. You just set them and forget them! Here is what I did.

    1. Get some Pro-Mix HP or BX (HP has more perlite which is what I use)
    2. Get a moisture meter from Wal-mart of Lowe's or whereever!
    3. Get a plastic bucket and add just enough water until the meter reads MOIST.
    4. Get your favorite rooting hormone, I use the red gel---I forget the name
    5. Get a dozen or so clear plastic 16oz cups
    6. Using a soildering iron pop 4 holes at the bottom side, NOT the BOTTOM.
    7. Add a little Pro-Mix in the cup, dip the cutting, add the cutting to the cup and fill with more mix
    8. Tamp down the cup and add more mix if you want BUT do not press the mix in the cup
    9. Cover the container and stack some other things on top---not too heavy but heavy enough
    10. Place inside a warm place and do not open for at least 4 weeks!

    I started these cutting on April 8th and every cutting has rooted. The cuttings all have monster root. If you look at those cups with 3 cuttings you can see the white roots at the bottom. The cup with 3 cuttings are Male Purple Capri figs. I did not want to start another bin. I just wanted one to play with this year....plus my fridge is still full of cuttings. I'm rooting and growing these just in case I'm lucky to get the wasp here in my area one day. Like I said, I'm just playing around. During this process, I did not see on gnat. That's not to say they were there. However, I do hang pest strips inside my garage. This container is 12'+ from the strips.

    This is an old method that I used 10+ years a go. So, one day I got bored and started playing around. All 24 of these cuttings have rooted. Now, I have to start repotting them all up in tiny SWPs. This is not bad for rooting cuttings in 5 weeks. Enjoy!
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    Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a

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    Pretty simple. I'll give it a try but without the harmone cause I don't have any. I will need a plastic box from walmart.

    Do you remember the size yours is. I like like that it holds 25 cups.

    I have 18 cuttings now to root and spaghum moss is a real PIA.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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      Thanks for sharing the photo and info...

      I've circled back to a similar direct planting rooting procedure, its simpler, easily repeated and almost fool proof.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        When you say to cover it, are you trying to prevent light in the box?
        Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado


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          The "cover" is typically to keep high humidity within the large container (Humidity Dome), but light is not really needed in the initial rooting stage. Here's a similar simple method that can be used for individual cuttings and has a "humidity weaning process", http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...rooting-method

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        Thanks for sharing this Dennis. My only issue with this method ( realizing I have only 2 seasons of starting cuttings under my belt) is that I don't like the idea of leafed out cuttings getting no light for potentially weeks. I would rather they get light as soon as they start with leaves. My method this year was like yours except that I had clear plastic wrap sealing the tops of my bins, a little water in the bottom of the bin to help keep humidity up, and grow lights over the bins.
        SW PA zone 6a


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          I've switched this year from parafilm to clear plastic cups, at simplest. Parafilm works for me but plastic cups are easier - no wrapping:
          1. Moistened potting soil in gallon pot (with bottom holes)
          2. Stick in 3 node cutting with only top node exposed
          3. Punch a few holes in plastic cup and set on the soil over the cutting
          4. Put in as much light as any bud will take without wilting - not direct sunlight at first
          5. Keep warm and slightly moistened as needed, if needed, and watch it grow
          Tony WV 6b


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            You know now that you said "idiot proof" a better idiot will come along... lol.
            Zone 7A - Newark, DE; Zone 8A - Wilmington, NC;


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              The bin is placed where it get afternoon sunlight. It's just enough light to warm the box.
              Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a