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  • Trading extras?

    Anyone interested in trading extra plants? I've got several duplicates which I wouldn't mind using as trade fodder for other varieties. Last time I checked, I've got an extra of the following:
    • Ronde de Bordeaux
    • Takoma Violet - possibly traded
    • Salem White - traded
    • Valle Negra - traded
    • Panache
    • Scott's Black
    • LSU Tiger
    • Italian Honey
    • local unknown dark Italian
    I may/probably will have an extra of the following, depending on how well the cutting roots and grows out:
    • Kathleen's Black
    • Violette de Bordeaux
    • Conadria - traded
    • Owensboro Unknown
    • Stella - traded
    • MBVS
    • CDDN - traded
    I prefer trading with growers closer to me, as shipping plants long distances makes me a bit nervous of whether the plant will survive the trip. I'm partial to varieties which do well in the Northeast, but I'm most interested in Malta Black and Smith. My Malta Black cuttings failed on me (probably my fault for being too excited and giving them too much water) and I just never managed to get Smith.

    Edit 5/17/15: updated list with trades in progress
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    Johnny I would be interested in your CDDN. I have an extra Maltese Falcon I could trade you.
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      I'll set aside a CDDN for you. I'm 90% sure my CDDN cuttings made it, but I don't want to jinx my luck and call it before I see more roots and leaves.
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        Sounds like you've got the starts of a great collection, Johnny!
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        • jkuo
          jkuo commented
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          I call it the "where am I going to keep all these" collection. I may have gone overboard with my winter rooting.

        • greenfig
          greenfig commented
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          Congrats! But if you trade, you still have too many, right?

        • jkuo
          jkuo commented
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          True, but my wife will stop asking me why I have so many duplicates and just question why I have so many trees.

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        I could root a smith for you. I'd be interested in Stella or cddn if you have an extra. Also Durio has the smiths for 20 bucks in a 1 gal container.
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        Jeff in 6a


        • figherder
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          oops. I didnt even look. Just saw the name there the other day.

        • cis4elk
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          Anyone interested needs to call Durio, that web page hasn't been updated in years.

        • jkuo
          jkuo commented
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          By the time I got around to Smith, every place I knew that carried it (JFE, EL) was sold out. At this point, I'm not sure it's wise for me to acquire additional trees, which is why I'm trying to hold a steady count via trades. By the time I up-pot my current trees to 5 gallon buckets, my patio will be essentially at capacity and I still haven't entirely figured out my winter storage plan.

          Jeff, I may have an extra cddn. It just depends on how my extra cuttings fare. They are rooted, but not leafed out yet.

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        PM sent
        SW PA zone 6a


        • jkuo
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          Ed, just in case you didn't know, you sent a visitor message, which is a bit different than a PM. I replied to your visitor message.

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        There are very few times I wished I were living in southern PA.....this would be one of them

        very generous....kudos
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          I'm kind of in the same boat... not with duplicates, just too many new trees and I have no idea what I will do with them when they all need to be up potted!

          On top of that, I have a lot of cuttings left... I will need to get rid of them one way or another.
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          • jkuo
            jkuo commented
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            I didn't even realize just how many trees I had until I saw them all out on the patio. It was so much fun getting the cuttings growing over the winter that by the time spring hit, I had an oversupply problem. Granted, not a terrible problem to have, but still an issue that needs to be resolved. I'm hoping I have enough gardening friends that want a spare fig tree (or the time to build an overwintering structure) that I can store my collection.

          • drphil69
            drphil69 commented
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            I had to move my larger potted trees out to the yard to make room on the deck for the little ones. You are right, not a bad problem to have!

            I also think I lost 4 over the winter... or at least they haven't woken up yet. Surprising to me, they include VdB, RdB, and Celeste... supposedly they are cold hardy. I did have an issue in my shed and it got down to 12F one night, and several nights in the mid to upper teens as the heater could not keep up.

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          I have the opposite problem. With this being my first year rooting cuttings... I had success rooting but not as much as I had hoped for.

          So I'm still acquiring trees for now.

          I hope all of your trades go well Johnny.
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