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  • From Colo St Univ Re: 2014 UCD Order

    I just received this email:


    To: Recipients of germplasm from the National Plant Germplasm System in 2014.

    From: Mark A. Brick, Colorado representative to the Regional Plant Germplasm Committee.

    Re: Request for a brief report of germplasm usage.

    As the Colorado representative to the Plant Genetic Resource Conservation and Utilization Committee, it is my responsibility to document germplasm activities in Colorado. You are receiving this memo because you have received germplasm from the National Plant Germplasm System in 2014,

    Please provide the following information if you can. If not, just indicate that you received the germplasm.

    1. What is the planned use for the germplasm you received. (listed below)
    2. Did you release any plant materials to the public that were derived or partially derived from any germplasm that you received last year or previously.
    4. If you used the germplasm in a publication, please list any publications that present information about the germplasm or that announce any germplasm or cultivar releases.

    Information that you provide will enable the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) to better serve their clients by future collection, preservation, documentation and availability of germplasm in the system. It will also provide valuable information regarding the need to improve or change germplasm activities of the NPGS. It is not necessary to divulge proprietary information about your research or plant development program.

    Your report does not have to be a formal report. I will integrate your activities into a typewritten report to the W-6 for publication into their annual report. Thank you in advance for these considerations. Please send your report to me by e-mail at: no later than June 18, 2015. Do not hesitate to contact me regarding questions or concerns.

    Records show that you have received the following accessions from the NPGS in 2014:

    Order number: 251887 Site from: DAV
    05/01/2014 Category UIND

    -------- --------------------------------------------------------
    3 Actinidia arguta
    6 Ficus carica
    2 Morus alba
    11 Punica granatum

    #3 was missing from the email. Is anybody else getting these from their state university/government?
    Littleton, CO (zone 5b) - In Containers
    N.E. of Austin, TX (zone 8b)- In Ground.

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    i haven't received anything from the state of Massachusetts yet but I will post it if I do.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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      I never received anything when I was in Texas.
      Littleton, CO (zone 5b) - In Containers
      N.E. of Austin, TX (zone 8b)- In Ground.


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        I got the same, no number 3 either.

        Many years back I received a bunch of grape cuttings from the conservatory. I got a email a year or two later about those as well.
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          Colorado is 'special'.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            It is now. I moved here.
            Littleton, CO (zone 5b) - In Containers
            N.E. of Austin, TX (zone 8b)- In Ground.


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              Just a typo... let's all learn to count boys and girls... 1, 2, 4..... oops! Let's try again...
              Zone 7A - Newark, DE; Zone 8A - Wilmington, NC;


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                Originally posted by Bijan View Post
                It is now. I moved here.
                I was wondering what changed!!!
                Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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                  Nothing here either but I do try to keep some notes so I can send in information in a year or 2 and then again around year 5 or so.
                  Jeff in 6a