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  • How to promote suckering?

    Im not sure if this has been a topic here before but havent found anything in searching. Ive been wondering how to promote more suckering. I imagine theres a multitide of factors that prohibit and promote suckering, like water, nutrients, particular variety, sunlight etc. Can anyone provide info on this?
    Pittsburgh, pa

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    Pinch it, pinch it good 1 becomes 2 2 becomes 4 4 becomes 8......the joys of exponential growth.
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      Suckers or shoots that grow from below ground are simply buds that develop from buried nodes. Bury more nodes of the main stem (plant deeper or mound the soil around the stem) or bury low branches below soil line. To induce faster suckering of buried nodes do what Wills suggests, pinch or preferably prune the apical tips.
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      Attached is an Atreano Gold that has been pruned for "suckering" for ground layering propagation.
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        At the moment I am fighting with a stubborn Jolly Tiger that wants to be green. I now have resorted to pinning it to the ground with a brick and pinched the tip out of it and it is now pushing 3 new buds from the base. If these turn out to be green I am driving to GA as I know where a BIG jolly tiger is in a greenhouse and it's owner is away from home a LOT.
        Cutting sales start Nov 1 at 9PM eastern time as always at willsfigs.com


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          Good Luck.... With both ventures

          If the branch is variegated it could possibly be trained and rooted horizontally to create duplicate vertical shoots and new plants, like an espalier. ??

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          For your trip to GA will you be listening to James Bond theme and dress in camouflage with face paint ? Even tho he is not home is still fun to be James Bondy like lol

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        Thanks guys for the responses, I was clearly overthinking it.
        Pittsburgh, pa