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  • Rip Van Winkle tree

    I have a Takoma Violet that froze to the ground in 2013-2014. It did not regrow last year but the stump is still alive! I fertilized it once, and am thinking of trying some growth hormones to help it grow a new shoot. Has this happened to anybody else? How did it turn out?

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    I think you read me "story of papa tree" it was cut all the way to the ground... And couple week ago I see growth. I gave one regular dose of miracle gro and I put little horse @@@@a and she is growing back.
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      Now that you publicly shamed it I expect it'll take off.
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        Best of luck. I'll see if I can find the best hormone or protocol and get back to you if I manage to turn something up.
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


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          Everyone's recommending Keiki paste. Scratch the bark to expose green and apply, maybe in more than 1 place.


          One guy suggests adding Benzylaminopurine to the paste

          Here are other formulas for home made keiki pastes

          Charlier Claudy [keiki paste] Here is a formula for keiki paste: β€˜A type of paste used to produce greater vegetative reproduction, particularly proliferations, of a plant. Perhaps the best known is BAP IAA paste. The formula for which is: 3.0 grams anhydrous lanolin, 90 milligrams BAP (6-Benzylaminopurine), 90 milligrams IAA (Indole-3-acetic acid) and 160 milligrams (0.145 milliliters) DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide).’ Kir Rapoport [keiki paste] Using the keiki paste with nearly the same complex of hormones (1 g lanolin/10mg BAP/2mgNAA + vitamin complex) on orchid and plumeria buds have never observed any burning of the orchid buds or plumeria buds/stems. In the case of excess of hormones in the paste there is one negative after-effect - very prolonged growth of the callus instead of the reproduction.
          in grams:
          44.0 Vaseline (petroleum jelly)
          09.0 Cetyl/stearyl alcohol
          05.0 Paraffin oil (liquid petrolatum)
          02.0 Tween 40
          00.3 to 00.5 Benzylaminopurine (benzyl adenine)
          40.00 Water

          Melt Vaseline and alcohol in a beaker placed in a hot water bath of about
          55C. Add Paraffin oil and tween 40. Add water. Stir vigorously. Dissolve
          BAP in a minimum volume of ethanol and stir it into warm mixture. The
          resulting paste can be stored in a refrigerator until use.

          The active ingredient is the BAP. But I have also heard it said that the
          petroleum compounds may play a role. Tween is a surfactant.

          For you mad scientists of the home laboratory type, I think you can find the
          chemical ingredients to make this stuff yourself from

          You can also buy 'Keiki Paste" AND 'Lanolin Paste' from them. Catalog
          numbers 'K 424' and 'L 451'
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          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            Thanks Bob, I already have a 1mg/ml stock solution of BAP made up and tween 20 for tissue culture. I am going to wing it and make a half batch with what I have: 2 mg BAP, 18 g H2O, 1g Tween 20, 25 g coconut oil.


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              Had to up the coconut oil to get all the liquid emulsified. 3.5 mg BAP, 18 g H2O, 1g, Tween, 55 g coconut oil. Just nuke for 15 seconds in a glass jar to melt then put the lid on tight and shake under cool running water until solidified. I made lotion once that was about the same, minus the BAP and Tween.

              Will put some on tomorrow.


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                What about grafting on it so it will at least be fed by the leaves and kept in good health and then you can be patient.
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                  Come on up Hershell!!!!

                  All of my grafts this year failed, and there is only a tiny stump left.

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                Let me know how it works!
                Bob C.
                Kansas City, MO Z6


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                  Hey Brent. It did happen to me with my LSU Purple mom tree during the PV of 13-14 winter. It grew very little and the growth was week and funky looking last summer. I thought that was it for that one. I covered it this past winter just cause I felt sorry for it and by March it had some nice buds showing all over. If was then hit by that wicked two night freeze and that was that for the new buds and growth. I waited a couple of weeks but nothing!!! I cut it down to almost nothing and this is what it looks like today. Nice healthy large leaves and two foot shoots all over. Maybe you should cover the stump with a 5 gal bucket and leave it alone for a couple of weeks. Let it deside if it wants to come back or ..... " kick the bucket" . Best of luck bud.
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                    Another guy suggested thidiazuron as well. Dropp defoliant made by Bayer has that as its active ingredient and is probably cheaper than buying reagent grade TDZ, if you can find it.
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                    Bob C.
                    Kansas City, MO Z6


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                      No result and started to wonder what I did wrong... There should be 350 mg BAP in the recipe not 3.5. Going to just weigh it out on the scale this time and avoid the math