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  • Coffee Challenge!

    I have started making my afternoon coffee as usual 1 cup at a time with 1 spoon of coffee but I add 1 spoon of fig leaves as if I were making tea. Try it and see what you think.
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    Can you actually taste the fig leaf in coffee? I would have thought the coffee would totally over power it.

    I've tried a fig leaf tea once. Not sure what to think of it yet. I was going to try steeping it with mint to see what it's like.
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      I once made a coffee for myself and then dropped there a teabag to make a tea for my wife (was watching a game)!
      I noticed the mischap when I was half cup through and my other half got curious for how long more she should wait for that tea! Lol
      So, it either the coffee was nice and strong or the tea was crappy or the game was good, but either way I haven't noticed a difference
      I haven't tried the wild mix again though.
      Will see how the coffee fig tea tastes!
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        Will try the coffee, but I prefer mint with pine needles for a healthy tea. Will be adding fig leaves to the mix to see what happens. Could be great. Cheerz
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