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  • Wanted to buy: Jolly Tiger

    This is not a fig I've been interested in because it's a pain to keep variegated and I've heard the fruit isn't anything to write home about.

    As most know, I have both a farm and a nursery and one of my nursery customers has asked me for help in locating a cutting or two of Jolly Tiger. He already bought some fakes from someone on eBay and I've sold him some things and he really wants this variety bad. If you can help, please send me a message with price, etc. Thanks.
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    Hey! Harvey, I wish you luck on finding that Jolly Tiger, I do not of anyone who has it.
    I saw on F4F you did some root grafting, how did that work out?
    St Louis County, MO Z6B


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      My one attempt at root grafting was a failure for reasons I do not know. May try again some day when I have some time available.
      My fig photos <> My fig cuttings (starts late January) <> My Youtube Videos


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        I have a couple of very small rooted Ventura AD plants and one is showing variegation. I'm not sure if this plant is known for this, or how stable it is, but I do know it is supposed to be a very good fig. So far two of the 4 leaves show variegation.

        Mike in Hanover, VA