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  • Sbayi from Israel

    My Sbayi, grafted on my 10 in 1 fig tree, in March 2016, has produced his first figs.

    This variety is easily recognized by the pink markings that develop on one year old wood. That is quite interesting on it's own but, appart from that, the fig has an excellent flavor. Definitively a variety worth having despite being a late ripening variety - by late September - at least this first year (we will see if they produce earlier next year)

    The graft in June 2016 showings the pink markings (the grafted branch on the right)

    Despite being on the same tree where i grafted the Inchários that were pollinated this year, this variety has not been affected by the wasps.
    The caprifig variety grafted on the top branch is still very young and did not have any figs in the winter, so i have to depend on mailed caprifigs for the pollination of the Inchários.

    When i placed the caprifigs i received by mail with the wasps (in late May) near the tree, the Sbayi didn't have any small figs yet to pollinate, so i can say for sure that they weren't pollinated.

    A few more photos of the figs and some closeups of the pink "bleeding" in young branches.
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    Awesome pictures and information as usual... Thank you for sharing!
    Tony - Zone 6A
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      I have not see you post on our growingfruit.org in a while. Very nice multi grafted fig tree. It reminds me of my 30 varieties bark grafted apple tree. I liked your fig posts with photos there. I will be doing a bunch of cleft grafts on lots of my figs next April. I am up to 50 pots now and may run out of pots and cement patio space soon.

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        Jsacadura, thank you for sharing your excellent photos and clear descriptions of the special qualities of Sbayi.
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          Very nice. Eli says that it's one of his earlier varieties. I was hoping that to be true, but I think it's more on the later side for me. Put out figs no problem, but they're taking awhile to ripen. I hope to get a taste before frost.
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            Very nice looking fig. I like the pink on the wood.
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              Thanks guys,

              Health problems of a family member made me stay away of the hobby for a few months. But when the dust settles it one of the things that helps us keep going in this harsh life. So, back to figs.

              Regarding maturing date for this one. It was one of my latest, but a couple of years ago, it happened the same with Paraíso (i only had a few ripe figs in late September) and now that variety ripened in mid August. So, i will wait a couple of years to see if it stabilizes before giving the full verdict.

              I also have multigraft apple trees but 8 varieties in the same tree (to secure the varieties until i can decide which one's to keep) is my limit for now, so they all have a chance of showing their true colors.
              Don't get me started on lack of pots. This spring things went a bit crazy rooting cuttings and the piece of land i'm preparing to place my figs in the ground is not ready yet. I am avoiding counting my pots so people don't find out how deep i am in this hobby.

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                Jaime hi, Happy to see you here.
                That Sbayi is a pretty fig i am sure it will settle with the ripening.

                Here in Israel it is a midseason fig.

                Next year i will post about findings planting figs n full cmpost and if it helps with ripening times. Even i want early ripening.

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                • ross
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                  Eli! Great to see YOU here.

                • Jsacadura
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                  Hi, Eli. Glad to see you here, also.

                  I hope Sbayi will start maturing a bit early with time. This is an exceptional year (no rain for many months now and a severe drought installed) but, usually, i have a very wet late September, so late figs will be ruined in most cases.

                  Looking forward for your post on anticipating ripening times.

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                Thank you for sharing those amazing photos Is the pink "bleeding" the actual sap colour, a result of oxidation, microbial or some other process? It's very pretty on the green wood.
                Kate - on acreage in a subtropical/warm temperate growing region in south-east Queensland, Australia


                • Jsacadura
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                  Hi Kate,

                  I have no idea why the young branches show these markings. Maybe someone with more information on the matter will enlighten us.

                  They sure are pretty though.

                • NangkitaKate
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                  Thanks Jsacadura They are indeed pretty. Figs are endlessly fascinating to me.

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                Can't wait to try it


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                  Jaime thanks for sharing. You must have that rootstock on steroids by the look of the gorgeous luster on those leaves. I guess you can't have bad figs with a fig tree that nice. Beautiful pink pigment on that grafted scion bark too.
                  Nice to ear from you again, I was missing your posts from the other forum.
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                  • Jsacadura
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                    Thanks, Rio.

                    In the photo, the graft of Sbayi was only 3 months old. It helped that i grafted a robust cutting (whip and tongue) to one of the tree's main branches. But the variety seems very fast growing on it's own.

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                  A few more photos of the quick development of my graft of Sbayi (grafted March 2016)

                  Jaime - Zone 9b - Portugal - Whish list: Sofeno Claro, Paderne, Pardinho, Bournabat, Bouhouli, Thermalito, Unk. Pastiliére, Luv, Genovese Nero.