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    Which product are you all using to give your figs micronutrients?

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    I'm using compost (coffee, leaves, kitchen scraps) along with an organic fertilizer like Plant Tone and some Garden Lime. I ordered some General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus since it seems to get some glowing reviews to give it a try.

    Plants seem pretty healthy so far but still young.
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      For added micro nutrients only... Ironite Mineral Supplement @ 1/2 cup per 5 gallon of potting mix.

      I also use Espoma Garden-tone, Miracle-Gro All purpose and Tomato, which are all "balanced complete fertilizers" with micro and macro nutrients.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        I use lots of things, whatever I can get cheap. At the moment it's Espoma -tone products and Jack's brand fertilizers (made by Peter's).
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          The above plus tomato tone, osmocote plus, dynagrow.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            nobody uses S.T.E.M or CSM+B?
            Fig & Blackberry Farmer in Sunol, CA.


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              Rabbit poop, osmocote, compost, worm castings, glacial rock dust, pelletized dolomitic limestone, and espoma iron-tone. Plus dyna grow fruit fertilizer during waterings after plants have leafed out. I also add dyna-gro Protekt (Silica) and Dyna-Gro Bloom (phosphates).
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                Tis what I use. I get all tis from member "Butts" I use these three suggested mixture ratios and a scoop of miracle grow in a 1 gallon water can. My potted trees have grown like weeds since start using these products.
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                  Dyna-gro Sea Spirit for trace elements, good stuff.
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                  Florilicious plus in pots, Netherlands seaweed in the ground
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                    This website lists the Guaranteed analysis and Metal Analysis of most commercially available fertilizers http://agr.wa.gov/PestFert/Fertilize.../Product1.aspx some of the "Metals" are micro nutrients... Its a good site for comparison of available nutrients in many fertilizers... and a linked web address is printed on most commercial packaged fertilizer labels, http://www.aapfco.org/metals.htm

                    The Dyna-Gro brochure, http://www.dyna-gro.com/Website%20pd...20Brochure.pdf has their guaranteed analysis, but also has some good info on plant nutrition and the roles of macro and micro nutrients.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Although I'm currently trialing several different brands of "complete" balanced fertilizers including hydroponic Maxi-Gro, Maxi-Bloom and Flora-Nova my observation has been that the additional micro nutrients in the Ironite supplement has resulted in thicker, larger and healthier leaves and figs when compared to similar fig trees without the supplement.
                    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                      Do you have any concerns about the heavy metals (arsenic/lead) in ironite?

                      Several articles seem to list it as a possible concern.

                      For example:
                      Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


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                        Compare the actual PPM of Heavy Metals in Ironite, http://agr.wa.gov/PestFert/Fertilize...aspx?pname=608 to other Organic Fertilizers. When micro nutrients are present the "Heavy Metals" are also present, usually at low concentrations. Floralicious Plus has 1100% more Lead,http://agr.wa.gov/PestFert/Fertilize...spx?pname=3853
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                        Thanks for the followup. Interesting and very confusing to me. So much conflicting information about what is and isn't safe/healthy these days.

                        They also have a link on that site to a study on plant uptake of metals from fertilizer that basically concludes that application rates are normally so low that it doesn't contribute to lead in soil levels and that arsenic and lead are only taken up by the crop minimally. They seem more concerned with cadmium uptake and build up which both of these seem fairly low. http://agr.wa.gov/pestfert/Publicati...ptakeStudy.pdf

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                      I think that its confusing to most people because of the conflicting info that is caused by testing protocol and questionable conclusions, but the science is usually sound.

                      For example in your first link, http://www.safefoodandfertilizer.org/page.asp?page=23
                      Ironite’s manufacturer, Ironite Products Co. in Scottsdale, Ariz., has maintained that its products are safe because the lead and arsenic they contain are not bioavailable. A technical report commissioned by the company indicates that these metals are present in the fertilizer as the minerals galena and arsenopyrite and that the elements in these forms are “very stable in the environment and not available in a form which is toxic.”

                      But Dubey and Townsend’s results refute this claim. “Our results show that when Ironite is land-applied under very common, slightly acidic conditions, the heavy metals do leach out. We’ve also showed that some proportion of the lead and arsenic is bioavailable if the Ironite is consumed” by a child, says Townsend, who is a waste engineer.
                      To make the Lead and Arsenic "Bioavailable" the Ironiite has to be eaten...
                      Heavy metals naturally occur in most soils, where they are either not available or not utilized by most plants.

                      and in the second link, http://agr.wa.gov/pestfert/Publicati...ptakeStudy.pdf
                      Application Rates: ...to reach a maximum application of 40X. 1X is based on maximum allowable metal addition to soil from the Washington fertilizer standard.
                      ... Ironite did not contribute significant cadmium.
                      ... a low potential for plant uptake of Arsenic.
                      ... a low potential for plant uptake of lead.
                      Even with an application rate of 4,000 % there weren't any negative comments (significant levels of Lead, Arsenic or Cadmium) for Ironite. Although the test results were positive for the use of Ironite it reminds me of experimenters feeding rats a diet of butter then concluding that butter is bad for your health.

                      The Fertilizer Heavy Metals site, http://agr.wa.gov/PestFert/Fertilize.../Product1.aspx is useful in comparing "Apples to Apples". Different commercially available fertilizers can be easily compared with the same metrics, the Metals Analysis can be used to get a sense of the available Micronutrients even without a manufacturers Guaranteed Analysis by comparing the Zinc and Molybdenum content. Its often interesting to see the analysis and the lack of nutrient content of some of the commercially available fertilizers.
                      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                        I'm using only Maxi-Gro as my primary Fert and Garden-Tone once a month, do you just follow the directions for using Maxi-Grow? When figs start forming is that when your going to switch to Maxi-Bloom?
                        Zone 6a Orange County NY


                        • AscPete
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                          For potted culture I use the Espoma-tone fertilizers as the primary fertilizer and soil inoculant (soil microbes), the dilute water soluble fertilizers (1 -2 tsp / gallon of Maxi-Gro, Miracle-Gro, etc) as the secondary fertilizer that is "stopped" ~ 8 - 12 weeks prior to dormancy, this provides additional NPK for initial vegetative growth and reduction in N for fig growth and production later in the season. For warmer zones the "vegetative growth" period would be longer. The Maxi-Bloom can be used after the Maxi-Gro is stopped for the added K, but it has not been necessary for healthy plant growth.

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                          BTW, I also use Dolemite Limestone (Calcium and Magnesium)and Ironite (Iron and trace minerals) on all my potted trees along with the Espoma fertilizers and Water soluble fertilizers. 1 Cup of Pulverized Dolemite Limestone and 1/2 Cup of Ironite per 5 gallons of mix. The water soluble fertilizers are started before bud break in the spring to get the roots off to a good start since roots will grow at temperatures above ~ 45 deg F , and for vegetative growth through early summer.

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                        Bunny poo, Azomite, anything organic on sale like seaweed, kelp, ground up fish, compost, etc.