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  • Opinions n experience for Izbat an Naj fig

    Please give opinions n experience of Izbat an Naj fig in a pot culture,coldhardy,viability,etc. Thank you, mike51050 Z5b
    Wish List: i258,Bi-39, LaRadek's, Bornholm, Sodus Sicilian,English Brown Turkey type trees,Any early ripening n cold hardy fig tree

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    My tree is still on the young side (2nd leaf), and I got fruit from mine at the beginning of September. Granted I do give my trees an early start in the greenhouse, but I'd guess that Izbat An Naj is not a particularly late ripener. It can be quite a vigorous grower. I made the mistake of sinking my potted tree next to a former compost pile. That tree is enormous now after some explosive mid-summer growth.

    You do have to let the fruit get pretty ripe if you want to experience the full flavor potential of Izbat An Naj. It tastes like an ordinary honey fig if you pick it at an early ripeness stage. The banana-y tropical notes don't develop unless you let it ripen enough (ime when it's pretty soft, with some sugar spots starting to show).
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      jkuo,I appreciate your input about the early ripening n it being somewhat a prolific fig.My concerns being in z5b that my zone was to short for growing for this fig.Thank you ,mike51050 Z5b