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  • I find this impossible to believe...

    My husband broke a branch on the green fig when it was just starting to push leaves. He's not really crazy about figs to begin with ( it's ok... he's got other redeeming qualities and the dogs adore him ) and knows even less than me about the trees. He picked the "stick" up and pushed it into the soil in the pot. I noticed it a few days later and got the story from him. He asked me to just leave it in the pot and if he ruined the tree he'd get me a new one...like losing a branch would destroy the tree? Anyway, yesterday when I was checking the pots to see if there were drainage issues after the storm I saw a leaf coming out of the end of the broken piece he'd shoved in the soil. I'm leery of checking for roots at this point.
    Windham CT zone 6a

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    Don't check....leave it alone

    some push leaves first, some push roots first....

    if it continues to grow...you win....

    If it dies, you win...dinner out and a new tree
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      You know, I like your style!

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      100% win/win advantages don't come along every day...

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    Until someone agrees with me wait but I have been advised in past in a case like tis to remove leaf and fruit so every makes root.
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      Hmm... not sure about that. Leaves provide the energy to make roots, which is needed if all stored energy was spent making leaves. I only remove leaves for air-layers since the roots usually aren't enough to sustain the leaves once the layer is removed from the mother plant. I never removes leaves from cuttings. Fruit should always be removed, at least until tree is well established...

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    Or maybe put humidity dome (bag, plastic cup?) over the branch and leaf to keep it from drying out until you feel it is rooted? Definitely remove any fig. How large is the branch?
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      Definitely do not check for roots. Leave it alone until you see vigorous growth. At least 6 weeks. If it droops, place a humidity dome on it, as Ed mentioned. You've got a 50/50 shot.
      Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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        Today it has another leaf starting, but the first is barely a half inch long. The broken piece, according to the guilty party, was six inches long, which is probably extremely accurate ( he used to work as a master machinist and tool and die maker - those guys can measure by eye from ten feet away ) and the part that is above soil looks to me to be about four and a half inches and the caliber is about a quarter of an inch. When he broke it there was a tiny leaf start that immediately stopped developing when it was traumatized. It's taken about three or four weeks to begin to release the leaf right after we had two days of strong rain.

        I remember reading in a discussion here that sometimes a twig has leaves and not roots, and sometimes the opposite is true...hence my hesitation to do any exploring. Thanks to whoever posted that information. Right now the tree and its relatives are in full sun from 7:30am to sundown. I'll see what I can rig up to cover it. I don't know that a cup large enough will fit between it and the edge of the pot.
        Last edited by dobemom; 06-04-2015, 10:57 AM. Reason: I forgot to mention, there is no fig developemnt on either the mother plant or the leaflet kid. I'll try to get a photo. I'm covering nights this week while someone is on vacation, so photos aren't
        Windham CT zone 6a


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          If in full sun be careful it dosen't get too hot when you place a dome over it.
          Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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            When I'm pruning my grape vines and roses in the winter, i stick the prunings of the plants I would like more of just inside the circumference of some fifteen gallon pots with newly transplanted trees that haven't filled up the pots yet. A good number of them root. I have to be careful though or I wind up with too many plants.
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