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  • Reverted reverted Jolly Tiger

    So a friend gave me a Jolly Tiger and I killed it.....so he gave me another one and this one grew but it had just one variegated leaf and I never marked the node. It decided it would rather be green so I let it grow a bit then started pruning it trying to get it to throw a variegated leaf.....no luck. Three times I pruned of the growing tip with no luck on side shoots that formed. I was starting to think he had used latex paint on it. Finally got annoyed enough that I just pinned the entire plant to the ground with a brick. Was pretty sure it would snap and did not care if it did. It though took the abuse and once laying flat I again snipped the tip. The plant responded by sending out as of today 9 new buds/shoots.......one right in the middle of the stem is finally variegated......will prune the rest out as it grows.

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    tuff love
    andreas-patras Peloponnisos Greece zone 9a


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      I have 2 JT's that lost their variegation a few years ago. One has not regained it. The other put out a sucker last year with all light green leaves. So far it has done the same thing this year. This year it has grown a few small branches off the sucker so I will try and see if I get any joy from doing that. But mine are still not variegated - rather a much lighter and very attractive color.
      It will be interesting to see if I get any variegation off the small shoots.
      btw - thx 4 the help with my pw


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        Glad it worked, was beginning to wonder. I have learned my lesson...if you get a JT mark the variegated node It was a royal pain messing with the plant to get it to rebud what I needed.
        Cutting sales at willsfigs.com will continue till about March 1.


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          I have been pulling off green leaves. Looks like i need to mark the nodes although most side branches are variegated.


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            Brian if they are just a randon green leaf here and there I would leave them so they help feed the already chlorophyll deficient plant. Now if it is an entire green limb yep it has to go.
            Cutting sales at willsfigs.com will continue till about March 1.