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  • In-season pruning

    I just started an experiment with using "Elmers" glue stick on in-season pruning to see if the glue can contain the bleeding. So far so good. I don't see an evidence of bleeding yet.
    I am using the extra strength glue stick. This is safe and non-toxic.

    Just cut with a clean pruner, immediately dry cut area and rub the glue stick on the cut right away.

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    Interesting. Do you really think they bleed enough that it can harm the plants?
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      Thanks for sharing your experiment. Please keep us updated...
      I usually just let them bleed (sometimes up to 2 days) then seal with pruning sealer, to slow tip die back for bud break closer to the cut.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        Interesting indeed! Please keep us updated. I certainly wouldn't have thought of that.
        Windham CT zone 6a