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  • OT: Pruning Peach Trees after harves?

    Everything I read seems to point at pruning peach trees in the south before bud break. I did that. Now that harvest is over I can't see where a light prune would hurt anything. Do any of yall do a post harvest prune on your peach trees down south? Wills?

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    I'm in PA and that wouldn't work here but I have read of growers doing that in CA. If you don't get an experienced answer here you could try on the GrowingFruit forum
    SW PA zone 6a


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      Video with a good tutorial...
      Learn how to bring your old plum, peach and nectarine trees back to life with Tim.

      Good Luck.

      Attached are photos of 3 different Peach trees (Elberta, Belle of Georgia, Red haven) and 1 plum tree (Stanley) that will be severely pruned later in the summer. The Stanley, Belle of Georgia and Elberta will be coppiced back to 24" trunks.
      Click image for larger version

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      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        Sure, you can do some summer pruning to remove wayward or over vigorous growth. I usually trim a few branches here and there as needed, especially if any grafts are getting too much shade.
        SE PA
        Zone 6


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          Right on, thanks for the responses! I just planted this tree a few months ago. It's been in a 35 gallon pot for 3 years now. I went ahead and let it fruit after transplanting but it spent all its energy this spring producing fruit. I just want to give it a little kick in the butt to start growing again. I feel it may be a little shocked.


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            this should help
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              I prune mine all summer long. Watersprouts and shaping you can do anytime. Pruning them just makes them grow.....
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                Severe summer pruning can encourage peach tree short life disease. Maintenance pruning as Wills does is ok.
                Ray in Columbia, SC Zone 8


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                  Editing a comment
                  My idea of severe summer pruning is 1/3 of the total canopy (per standard practice) and coppicing is always done after the trees go dormant.