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  • Join me in anticipation... HD Capri

    I got this from Harvey last year along with "Chinatown Capri". CT Capri dropped the only 2 profichi it had about 2 weeks ago and they never came close to this size... Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-06-19_11-05-51_26.jpg
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    This one changed color about a week ago, thought it would drop but is still firmly attached... Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-06-19_11-06-11_926.jpg
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    Hoping Home Depot Capri is a persistent caprifig, even if it only holds the first crop that would be awesome.

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    Good luck Brent!
    Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


    • hoosierbanana
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      Thanks, very interested if any of your seedlings end up persistent also.

    • Hershell
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      If I ever her anything worthwhile you will be welcome to it. I just have to figure out it they are persistent.

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    Seems to be a persistent edible caprifig, lots of male flowers unlike Gillette. This fig did not swell much before ripening, the one above it looks like it might not ripen, and 4 above that have swollen to about twice their size and are turning dark. Made an attempt to cross pollinate a few varieties with a sharpened stick that I heated with a lighter in between figs. Not sure how much pollen actually got in though, open to any pro-tips. The female flowers actually tasted good, much better than Gillette.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-07-27_12-22-25_276.jpg
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    Thanks Harvey!


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      Update* Got some viable seeds from a GM #171 Gludi. The seeds surrounded by red pulp are larger and lighter colored, they sank straight to the bottom of a glass of water. The pulp is amber without pollination. Click image for larger version

Name:	P9300279.JPG
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        That is really great, Brent! Congratulations!
        Are you planning to start planting seeds looking for superior offspring? What traits would you be looking for?
        SW PA zone 6a


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          I am not really expecting much from this cross, but I would really like to get Gludi's shiny/thick skin on another edible persistent caprifig to cross to earlier/darker interior varieties down the road. HD Capri has a vegetal taste in the skin that I don't care for so I will probably discard plants with that trait if I can.


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            Wow Brent this is way cool. I have an Enderud if you want it it's yours. I believe its persistent.


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              Yes I think Condit developed Enderud and it is also edible. I appreciate the offer but it looks like I will have my hands full, especially if other crosses work out Throwing on the brakes.
              You should try making a controlled cross with it. Using pollen from a persistent edible caprifig should produce seedlings that will all ripen "edible" figs in an area with the wasp. Half will be male and produce stamens in their brebas but the main crops will be normal. Seeds or small seedlings should establish much easier than cuttings so you could probably improve the wild figs in your area pretty easily.


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                Here are some pics of my HD Capri figs. I have ten so far, all breba I think. The tree is 10ft tall, with a 4 inch wide trunk, in a 25 gal pot and 1.5 years old.

                I have a few Black Maderia seedling fruiting. It may be interesting to see if I can get some to ripen with this pollen, even if they are smyrna types.

                I also want to try adding pollen to a regular common fig, just to see how being pollenated changes the flavor.

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