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  • Emalyns Purple Breba 2015

    This is a three year old tree and my first fig from it. After losing my first few figs this year
    I tried this 32 oz cup split down the side and placed over the fig and branch. This was a
    suggestion from "driveway farmer" in an earlier thread. It did keep the birds from it but
    I knocked off the other breba that was not ripe when placing the cup on it. This is a
    very good fig for breba. It is a very sweet melon flavor with no seed crunch. If the main
    crop is this good or better it will be an excellent fig to keep. I gave it an 8 on a 1-10 scale.

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    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA

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    Very nice Mike. I love the leaf patern too. Much different than anything I ve seen before.


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      Beautiful fig. Looks perfectly ripe.
      Western Pa -6a


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        Now that's what I'm looking for...

        it looks like you've got the tree in partial shade?

        good idea on the cup...just happen to have a few of those around...I'll give it a try on a genoa the bluejays are watching
        Ross B. Santa Rosa Calif zone 9b, wish list: CdD Blanc, Igo, Palmata, Sucrette, Morroco, Galicia Negra


        • newnandawg
          newnandawg commented
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          Yes partial shade. I have 36 in ground trees that get 4-6 hours of sun per day and do just fine. Probably not as productive as the 39 in full sun but that's ok.

        • rusty hooks
          rusty hooks commented
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          I also have several in partial shade.....this year will be their first fruiting as well...but none like that Emalyns.