Growing from Roswell, Ga...

I got three figs off one of my two trees. I did not think I was going to get any due to cold winter, but some brebas made it, and three survived.

The first was sixty grams, turbinate w/short neck. Ate this one unripe but mature on Friday, good flavor, a little latex burn, light sweetness. Had some malformed extra white flesh in the middle.

The second was 68g, picked today, much more ripe, but still could have gone another couple of days. Extremely rich with figgy flavor, had a small amount of honey in the center, and very sweet. Had complex strawberry jam notes. Some critter or another ate some of the skin, but no sour fermenation happened. Anyways, was so good I barely remember what it tasted like. The texture was stiff in a jam way. Reminded me of some descriptions of Ischia Black.

The last one looked riper, 38g, and some skin shriveling happened, but it wasn't even as sweet as the first unripe fig, but had rich fig taste, and pleasantly stiff texture.

Some notes. Was very hot last couple of weeks. The figs ripened MUCH faster than they usually do. Usually, it takes a very long time after full coloration to be really good, but this happened pretty much same day this time. That second fig was essentially as sweet as Missions from Cali. Petit Negri, I conclude even harder, is essentially a hot weather fig. It really, really does gotta have heat.