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  • Is there a way to force a cutting to bud

    I have a cutting that's been rooting for 6 weeks and the roots look great but it will not show a bud. Is there a way to help it along.

    Zone 9 Houma LA in the bayou land.

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    Up-pot and then fertilize!
    Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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      Maybe seaweed extract? It has plant hormones in it and seems to help speed plants along for me.


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        That's a ton of roots for there to be no shoot. Try some direct sunlight just an hour or two every day and make sure you expose the same side each day.

        Next you could benefit from humic acid. It's dirived from shale beds and has worked for me in the passed just google it.

        Your images show what look like viable nodes, you could make a small cambium incision at the node and add a little rooting powder. The powder initiates cell differentiation which is the precursor to either root or shoot development.

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        Really happy with what I have.


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          I agree with up pot and fertilize. Be sure your soil mix allows good drainage.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6