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  • Rob' Genovese Nero breba

    There has been some confusion as to the identity of this fig, but whatever it is, it's tasty! This breba ripened today, and it weighed 84 grams. Almost too sweet, chewy and full of flavor. The skin is thin and overall a delicious fig. It does have a large eye, which might be problematic in areas where it actually rains. Works here though. Click image for larger version

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    Gary USDA 9A
    Sebastopol, CA

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    you didn't show me that fig Gary...

    good thing....nice
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    Why is it bad if I is larger or open in area where it may rain?
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      Taverna, the eye provides an entry point for moisture and insects that can damage the fruit; in humid/rainy environments having an open eye can lead to souring of the fig.

      Gary this looks like a great fig whatever it is. Do you have a main crop forming?
      Fig Phenom
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      Nice, Gary! Does it taste similar to any other variety you have? If so, which ones? I may have the same one, but would like to see where it ranks in flavor. Thanks
      Frank ~ zone 7a VA


      • figgary
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        Hi Frank. I have another one almost ripe, so I'll try to answer your question after tasting it. I don't remember it tasting like others. I just had my 1st Madeleine Des Deux Saisons, and it was very jammy/chewy like this fig.

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      Hi Steve. Here is a photo of another ripening breba with some main crop as well. The tree is loaded. Leaves are mostly 3 and 5 lobes, with a very Click image for larger version

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ID:	25255 few singles.
      Gary USDA 9A
      Sebastopol, CA


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        Looks great! It will be interesting to compare all these different figs that were obtained under the name Genovese Nero and see if/how they are related. I have two and based on leaf shape one is quite different from the one you show while the other is somewhat similar.
        D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
        WL: Nantes Maroc


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          Gary, here are the pics of the main crop from my last years tree, same provider. And this is what I said. "This is the largest fig I have ever grown. Only wish my scales were working. I would guess that it is at least 3.0 oz as it is much lager than the Persian White at 2.67 oz. Not only is it huge it is also the best tasting fig thus far for 2014. Not overly sweet with hints of pear and maybe just a little honey. Very refreshing. I will give this a 9."

          newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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          This one is a Rob's also. It don't look quite ripe but was almost mush on the inside. Probably from too much rain. Pretty good taste and should improve with age and normal weather.
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