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  • Connecticut and Rhode Island Fig Folk

    I want to meet up with local fig folk in my area. My fig fascination seams to have no bounds so I am looking for fellow enablers!
    I am in Stonington CT on the coast.

    Did you have severe die back this year, what are your best producing varieties and what one or two plants are you trying to hunt down.


    Really happy with what I have.

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    Look for Rui (Ruuting) he is in RI.
    Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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    I'm in Eastern MA (20 miles west of Boston). I only have 1 in-ground fig that was well wrapped this winter and there was no dieback.

    My potted figs spent the winter in my new greenhouse and did very well.

    Most of my figs are young (on their 2nd or 3rd leaf) so I haven't determined which ones produce the best in my area which is colder than where you are on the coast.

    At some point, i'd like to try some more hardier varieties that do ok with winter protection. Otherwise I'll have to build another greenhouse.

    Welcome to the forum, this place is full of enablers.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


    • DaveL
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      Kevin, if you don't mind, what variety did you plant inground?

    • fitzski
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      Hi Dave,

      My inground is an unknown that my sister-in-laws father had for years at his house. He circled it every year with hay bails, stuffed the middle with leaves and then put a tarp over it. It was 8-10 feet high and wide when my brother removed it from the house. I have a sibling of that original tree.

      The winter of 13/14 it died back to the ground due to my poor wrapping of it but it grew back and ripened a few figs last year. This past winter I did a better job this past winter and there was no dieback.

      I have 3 fruit bearing versions of this fig, two in pot and 1 inground (and many small ones I just can't seem to throw prunings away).

      I'm hoping to identify it or at least narrow it down this year and share some cuttings.

    • The Figster
      The Figster
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      Next time I am up there I will PM

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    Figster, I'm in Lyme, not too far from you.

    DaveL, I don't know how we can live 1/2 hour apart and not get together to talk figs!

    There's Kyle (PasturedFigs) not too far from us, in RI.
    Rich, who lives by Seekonk.
    There's Attilio, who lives in Niantic.
    StriveForFreedom in Norwalk, Dave in Ridgefield (I think), Mike Sabato, and some other collectors I can't remember right now.
    I've met a couple of other people that aren't on any forums, but are great resources.
    I drive all over the state (for work) and I have eyes like a Hawk! I have mental notes of MANY fig trees growing all over the state, and I'm not ashamed to knock on a door, bearing a small gift. I hit the mother lode last year, I found a collector that grows about a dozen varieties, from Madeira, mainland Portugal, and some other unknowns, including one from Cape Verde. He has his own little network of Portuguese growers as well.


    • DaveL
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      Rui, I'm retired so anytime is good for me. The Figster is interested also,lets get together.

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    For many years we would vacation in the summer around Naragansett, RI. With all the people of Portuguese descent that live in RI there must be some excellent fig hunting potential.
    D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
    WL: Nantes Maroc


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      Let's go fig hunting! Count me in


      Really happy with what I have.