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  • Tears of Madeleine

    Tears of Madeleine

    Today the wind blew
    The storm dark and furious
    Potted trees knocked over, much too numerous
    Madeleine des Deux Saisons among them
    Lost two more breba... ouch!
    Though three yet remain, I lament the loss
    The tears of Madeleine

    Here are a few pictures of her tears. Including one split open, in case anyone wonders what an immature Madeleine des Deux Saisons breba looks like inside. Afterward, I consoled myself with a store-bought Black Mission.

    The pics:

    Mike central NYS, zone 5a
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    Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura

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    Okay, that's funny. Are you a poet, Michael Tucson? It seems clear.
    Tony WV 6b


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      Sorry about your lost Brebas Michael but that mission looks awesome. Where did you buy them?I got a small basket of Black mission figs two weeks ago at the local market and half of them were pretty good with the other half......pretty bad.


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        Mine had one breba this year, it was huge and awesome.......
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          Mine had about 20 and dropped them all.
          Rotterdam / the Netherlands.
          Zone 8B


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            Mine grows like a flag pole even after pinching the tip twice so far.


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              Tony: well, I dabble a bit.

              Chris: I bought the Mission figs from a store called Wegmans. They get fresh figs in usually from June until September around here. Almost all are shipped from California. Last year they had 8 or 10 different varieties at different times of the year. (P.S. I owe you an answer on one of your messages I think).

              Wills: glad to hear it!

              Rob: So sorry. Mine started out with (I don't remember exactly how many, but it seems it was more than 10). It held onto about 8 or 10 until they were "full size" (meaning full size for the long dormant stage before ripening). But the wind has knocked the tree over multiple times this year, often knocking some of them off. It's down to just 3 breba left, which are on course to ripen sometime in late July or early August, if my recollections about ripening times are correct. I've stabilized it with a bigger pot now, so hopefully I'll get the last three to ripen.

              Brian: That sounds pretty unusual. I wonder why it won't bud out with some side shoots.

              Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura