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  • Is Miracle Grow Potting mix to strong for rooted cuttings?

    I want to make sure I'm talking about the same stuff Ascpete is referring to in his mixes. Is the one mentioned the same one I have in the picture? Has anyone used this on rooted cuttings that will be cupped? or 1 gal pots? I'm not sure if the fertilizer in it is to strong. I currently use Pro-Mix BX and add extra Perlite

    Miracle-Gro: 85% - 15% (peat - perlite)
    Fertilome UPM: 85% - 15% (peat - perlite).
    Pro-Mix BX: 85% - 15% (peat - perlite).
    Pro-Mix HP: 75% - 25% (peat - perlite).
    Fafard52: 60% - 30% - 10% (pinebark - peat - perlite)
    5-1-1: 71.4% - 14.3% - 14.3% (pine bark - peat - perlite).
    5-1-1-1: 62.5% - 12.5% - 12.5% - -12.5% (pine bark - peat - perlite - calcined clay)
    Gritty Mix: 33% - 33% - 34% (pine bark - ganite grit - calcined clay)
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    I tried using both OSH and MG potting soil to root cuttings when I first tried to root cuttings earlier this year, before I ever read a forum post and before I had any idea about how to go about it. The results were soggy, moldy, and frightening numbers of fungus gnats, at least that was my experience. I think the high fertilizer, insufficient aeration, and high organic content hastened the sad ending. I was also guilty of overwatering out of love and ignorance which I'm sure was the clincher.

    On the advice of a forum member I tried rooting in coir, and also rooting in ProMix (HP). Barely moistened the soil, kept very humidified and warm using a clear bin, plastic bags, waxing and Parafilming the non-rooting surfaces so that waterings are rare or not needed, and the success rate has been much better since (~90-95%).
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      sarahkt has the way forward.

      It's not that mixes are too wet its that we add too much water. I use a potting mix with no nutrient for cuttings and then add water using a hand sprayer to get a dry bread crumb mix. Cover the cuttings with a bag and then weigh the pot with compost, cuttings and bag. This measured weight becomes your bench mark and need not fluctuate more than 3% over a 4 week period. If it does its to much water. You will not see significant gain in plant mass in that time frame.

      PS I never use any MG products


      Really happy with what I have.


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        I'm not going to change my current setup. I was just curious. The Pro-Mix BX with extra Perlite has worked incredibly so far. That and weighing the cups has worked great.
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          Miracle gro has Nature's care, it's a organic potting mix with no perlite or slow release fertilizers. Only organice stuff. It's really light and fluffy. I just mix my own stuff with it so I know what's in it.
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