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  • I think they got this one wrong

    I picked this up at a nursery in Mobile. I looked at Bracys website and they currently offer only LSU purple and gold and Celeste. I'm a bit frustrated, I already have a purple in the ground. Oh well.
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    Let them know, you could get a refund or a new plant.
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      If you already have this one, you should take it back and see if they can exchange it for you! Assuming that you live near by. It has happened to me also and even though you end up with a fig, it is very disappointing when you expect it to be something else.....


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        I may try to exchange it on my way to Fig day Mobile is 1 1/2 away. Thanks for the suggestion.
        Randall - Flomaton, Al. zone 8. https://www.youtube.com/c/FlomatonFamous


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          Or take it with you for trade or gifting.

          I don't know their hours but maybe you could stop on the way back if you still have it.

          Good thing is you have a free LSU Gold as soon as my air layers or the ground contact takes! At least on mine you've seen the tree and the fruit. Quite shortly, provided the peace accord with the Squirells holds, you'll be able to taste them!
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          • m5allen
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            That is funny. The squirrels are a little easier to negotiate with than the possums in my neighborhood.

          • Whiterk
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            I tasted an LSU Purple this morning, it may have needed more time on the tree, I wasn't to impressed.

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          I will trade you for large LSU Tiger in 3 gal pot? Not known if is good trade but I have 2 tiger that griwing like crazy
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