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  • Brebas do whatever they want.

    I'm envious of those of you whose figs appear, grow to an inch or so, stay stagnant then ripen in 60-90 days like they're supposed to. I have 2 Stella breba. After appearing about April 5th they looked normal until about May 15. Then they swelled up to a ginormous size. The one on the right was bigger, droopier and swelled first.
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    Unlike some of your figs, this swelling was not followed 2 weeks later by ripening. These figs swelled then stayed stagnant for almost 2 months. Then, this happened
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    The one on the left started to swell more, droop more and change color. The one on the R has not changed at all from May 15. Both are still as hard as a rock. If anyone wants to guess the dates the R fig and L fig will ripen you can have bragging rights

    In fact this would be a great raffle. One set of tickets for the left fig, one for the right. Maybe $5/ticket, 1 guess right or left per ticket. Some people could put up a prize or 2. I would determine ripeness by when they fall off with a light touch or ants invaded or a critter took them. If someone else handles the tickets then I'm not eligible and you'll have to trust my ripeness judgement. For those who don't know me, I wait till the figs are fully ripe. No early pickings here.

    They will
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    Yup. Now I know I have the real deal. Same here. Mine had the biggest Breba figs on it for months, then I accedentally knocked off one. The other is still sitting there, about 2 months later. This tree is really asking for the chainsaw - 3rd year, no fruit tasted, no side branches...
    At least I have some main crop figs growing, they should ripen by next year