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  • Rui
    Yup. Now I know I have the real deal. Same here. Mine had the biggest Breba figs on it for months, then I accedentally knocked off one. The other is still sitting there, about 2 months later. This tree is really asking for the chainsaw - 3rd year, no fruit tasted, no side branches...
    At least I have some main crop figs growing, they should ripen by next year

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  • Harborseal
    started a topic Brebas do whatever they want.

    Brebas do whatever they want.

    I'm envious of those of you whose figs appear, grow to an inch or so, stay stagnant then ripen in 60-90 days like they're supposed to. I have 2 Stella breba. After appearing about April 5th they looked normal until about May 15. Then they swelled up to a ginormous size. The one on the right was bigger, droopier and swelled first.
    Click image for larger version

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    Unlike some of your figs, this swelling was not followed 2 weeks later by ripening. These figs swelled then stayed stagnant for almost 2 months. Then, this happened
    Click image for larger version

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    The one on the left started to swell more, droop more and change color. The one on the R has not changed at all from May 15. Both are still as hard as a rock. If anyone wants to guess the dates the R fig and L fig will ripen you can have bragging rights

    In fact this would be a great raffle. One set of tickets for the left fig, one for the right. Maybe $5/ticket, 1 guess right or left per ticket. Some people could put up a prize or 2. I would determine ripeness by when they fall off with a light touch or ants invaded or a critter took them. If someone else handles the tickets then I'm not eligible and you'll have to trust my ripeness judgement. For those who don't know me, I wait till the figs are fully ripe. No early pickings here.

    They will
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