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  • Weird dream - CdDG

    Man, what a vivid dream. I picked my first CdDG and it was huge, about 100 grams. But the skin was sort of reddish and I wondered if I got it mixed up with Coll de Dama Roja, but no, this was from my CdDG tree from Vasile. And I cut it open and the pulp was amber! I had a fig friend over and we were excited to try it but I needed a photo first. I squeezed that poor fig way too much fondling it. The sun was setting and the fruit looked beautiful with the warm sunlight, even though the colors were wrong. I woke up without actually tasting the fruit!!! All I have left is a photo in my head, LOL.
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    This is call a 'figment' of the imagination!

    Really happy with what I have.


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    Ha Ha Ha!!! You know your addicted to figs when...
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      Yeah, I dream about figs often but this one was very vivid. Dang, it started splitting open on me before I got my photo because I was squeezing it so much! LOL

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    Harvey, I've dreamt a couple of times now that what is being passed around as Texas White Everbearing isn't really TWE. Basically, the original tree died and was quietly replaced with another similar variety. The kicker is in the dream Adriatic JH is what was the original TWE.

    Now this isn't completely divorced from reality. Ten years ago, I was given a tour of the nursery from where the original WTE was reportedly propagated and distributed. They told me the original tree died and that was that... or was it? I wonder if my subconscious mind is trying to tell us something.
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