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  • Fig Tree Toxicity in Dogs

    Please, I need the help of the group. Are fruit bearing fig trees toxic to dogs? I know the common Ficus tree or weeping fig or Indian rubber plant (non fruit bearing) that is a common house plant has leaves that are toxic to dogs and can make them quite ill, if ingested. But what about the fruit bearing fig trees that we know and love? Obviously the latex can be an irritant but are the stems and leaves toxic to dogs? My wife believes the trees are toxic and thinks the trees should not be in the house because we have a puppy. Please give me the truth, good or bad.

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    I don’t know about fig trees but a friend here has been feeding figs to his dog for the past 7-8 years. He says she loves them; Italian Honey is her favorite.


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      In Asia, Fig tree leaves are good stuffs
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        The fruit itself is not toxic to dogs as far as I know but if it starts chewing on the leaves and branches(when you are not around), the sap, which contains ficin is an irritant to dogs, & some people.

        There is one vet said it is ok.

        And this dog eats the leaves like candy
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          This is a question you should be asking your vet.
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            All 3 of my dogs have eaten figs since they were born. They all chew on dead wood but none of them eat fresh wood or have ever attempted at eating the leaves. If a dog would bite into a leaf I doubt they would enjoy it because of the bitter taste and probably never touch them again. Lesson learned.
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            • johnmo
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              same here.....3 dogs....all 3 help themselves to ripe figs since they were puppies....and all 3 like dead fig wood for whatever reason.....never eat the leaves or live wood...but love dead sticks.....also they don't eat them ..just chew on them.....now I cant say how good it is or isn't for them ...but judging from what I see...no problem

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            I have read that in India some people cook and eat F palmata leaves also feed them to livestock,but I prefer fruit myself!
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              Last summer I couldn't eat any figs without sharing them with my dogs...they love figs...they are fine for dogs, no worries


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                Why does she believe they're toxic?


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                  The sap is regarded as an allergen.

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                I've been a veterinary nurse for over 21 years, figs are not a problem in and of themselves. The dead wood is not a problem, nor are dried leaves. The latex from fresh leaves and twigs can cause excessive salvation (drooling) and if enough was eaten, could cause vomiting, diarrhea, and ulcers in the mouth. HOWEVER, most dogs won't chew the green parts once they get a little taste of the latex. It tastes bitter and dogs just don't go for bitter, at least most of the time. I really wouldn't worry about it, most of our normal "houseplants" are toxic to pets in some degree. Look at poinsettia, dieffenbachia, pothos, schefflera... The list goes on and on. And some of our loved yard flowers are extremely toxic, like foxglove. Even tomato and potato greens are toxic. Most dogs won't eat enough to make them sick. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats in the house with a TON of cuttings right now, plus my dogs have access to my little greenhouse with 30 young fig trees and numerous other "poisonous" plants... no problems. I hope this makes your wife feel better!
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                  What a relief to know. we had been worried here also.The forum members like you represent an amazing resource of specialized knowledge that benefits us all when we need to ask about things we do not understand

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                  YATAMA thank you. We all have our special talents, that's why I'm always so glad to be a part of this group. 😁

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                  Jennie, thank you very very much. I also contacted the fig scientists at UC Davis and they agree that the figs trees we know and love (Ficus carica) are NOT poisonous to dogs, unlike the Ficus houseplant we often see (Ficus Elastica). Yes, the sap can be an irritant as you describe, Jennie, but no risk of dead puppies. I guess my wife will let me live
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